Use Cases

The Elrond blockchain is ideally suited for the exchange, validation, and documentation of data, such as that generated during payment transactions, contracting or the transfer of rights.

Elrond sets new standards in transaction speed, cost reduction, scaling, security and user experience.

What is your use case?


Elrond  ♥  Use Case

Whether in private or corporate environments, the Internet of Things is networking physical and virtual objects. Smart watches, for example, can communicate with fitness applications and health databases via 5G and ensure a healthier life.


Elrond  ♥  Use Case

Banks and financial service providers are competing with start-ups from the FinTech sector. Time to look at the possibilities of blockchain technology and develop innovative solutions for a customer-friendly financial market.

Defi Kreditvergabe Istari Vision
Defi Marktplatz Istari Vision

Elrond  ♥  Use Case

DeFi projects use blockchain technology to enable the general population to access financial services. Regulatory institutions such as banks are bypassed with the help of decentralized applications and DeFi tokens.

Elrond  ♥  Use Case

With Big Data, enormous amounts of data can be stored, processed, and analyzed. Merging with the Elrond blockchain creates a new level of analytics and data security.

Elrond  ♥  Use Case

The interweaving of blockchain with AI is promising. For example, the Elrond blockchain can be used to optimize self-learning processes of AI algorithms and accelerate them through intelligent management of work steps.

Elrond  ♥  Use Case

Contracts & Licences

The Elrond blockchain is ideally suited for the automation of bureaucratic and legal processes. Contractual agreements, licenses and copyrights can be regulated securely, transparently and without intermediaries such as notaries.

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