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Istari Vision Team

Istari Vision has grown exponentially since the beginning of the year, with many talented individuals joining the team. To ensure future success, Istari arranged for a week of activities in Regensburg to synchronize the group, help build working relationships and align its core values, followed by a weekend of pure adrenaline at Area 47 in Austria.

Istari Vision on track for further growth

With the growing demand for blockchain technology in today’s digitalized world, Istari Vision has made it our mission to communicate the benefits and potential of this innovative and groundbreaking technology to investors, startups, and companies.

To meet our partners’ demands and always provide first-class service, we have built a highly productive and professionally diversified team in recent months. This way, we ensure that Istari Vision meets high customer standards and contributes to the Elrond community’s further growth.

To strengthen the team and give employees the opportunity to get to know each other, Istari Vision organized a week full of activities, workshops, and team outings. The goal was to synchronize the group, build robust working relationships, forge new friendships, align Istari Vision’s core values, and, most importantly, have fun.

Team event kick-off in Regensburg

To kick-start the journey, Istari Vision arranged for the team to meet in Regensburg, a Bavarian city on the Danube River in southeast Germany. As one of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval towns, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the “home base” of several employees, Regensburg proved to be the optimal choice to start an eventful week.

The Istari Vision team traveled from Romania, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of course, Germany. Having worked remotely and communicated through video conferences and instant messaging, this was the first opportunity for most employees to meet their colleagues and future friends in person.

I had a wonderful experience meeting all my co-workers for the first time. In Regensburg, I had a chance to work with some really talented people, learning new skills faster than I could ever imagine. I really enjoyed socializing and growing as a team. My biggest highlight was whitewater rafting at Area 47, which brought us closer together and showed me that I could put trust in my coworkers.”

—  Dino Lalic - Motion Graphic Designer at Istari Vision

Things started in a very festive way with dinner at the Gaststätte Gravenreuther, a restaurant known for serving traditional Bavarian delicacies and regional specialties. It featured a warm cozy tavern in the heart of the city with nostalgic decor and sidewalk tables, perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Over a hearty Zwiebelrostbraten, Käsespätzle, and Münchner Schnitzel, one or two employees learned that horseradish and sweet mustard are a thoroughly tasty combination.

Well-fortified and with a buzz in the air, it wasn’t long for everyone to be engrossed in conversation, joking, laughing, drinking, and eating. It was the perfect atmosphere to break the ice and ease everyone into the Istari family. With our bellies full and the night growing shorter, we said our farewells and headed back to our accommodations to rest up for the coming days.

The first day working together

Istari Vision Team event

Image: The Istari Vision team gets to know each other personally

On our first day, rested and full of motivation, the entire team met in a co-working space in Regensburg. Led by Wolfgang Rückerl (CEO) and Christian Grenz (CTO), the day started with discussions about Istari Vision’s mission, core values, goals, and working methods.

Most importantly, this was an opportunity for everyone to work together, including a chance to ask questions. Interactively, all team members were able to contribute their ideas and perceptions. This way, a pool of core values, goals, and valuable feedback was created, ensuring that nothing would stand in the way of further growth and teamwork.

“I enjoyed every single minute we spent together in Regensburg and Austria. The whole team, from top to bottom, was super friendly, like-minded, and easy to talk to. I learned a lot from my team, with people coming from different professional backgrounds. I only wish I could share the same office space daily with them. The highlight for me was bungee jumping, my most exhilarating experience to date."


—  Robert Koppandi - Community Manager at Istari Vision

Istari Vision Teamwork

Image: Istari Vision Team Workshop 2022

Deeper into the topic with ‘team workshops’

On the second and third days, the corresponding departments’ employees came together for breakout sessions to work with team leaders and make new plans. Face-to-face communication strengthened working relationships and created a work ethic where everyone was pulling together to focus on the same milestones and goals. The workshops proved optimal for asking questions and sharing and discussing new ideas.

In the evenings, everyone was able to sit back and relax. Visiting some of Regensburg’s best restaurants, we all enjoyed delicious food and a beer or two, strengthening our newly formed friendships.

Titan Stake: Friends and business partners arrive

Day four of our event was marked by the arrival of our friends and business partners from Titan Stake. Working on the joint project “ENTITY” – a launchpad and toolset for the Elrond network – the developers from both companies and the marketing team exchanged information on the current state of affairs.

Pure adrenaline: Area 47

After finishing a busy week, it was time for a weekend full of adrenaline at Area 47, the ultimate “outdoor playground” in the beautiful Ötztal Valley in Tyrol, Austria.

Comparable to the current thrills of the crypto markets, Area 47 promised pure action that would create unforgettable memories. Everyone in the team enjoyed activities from crazy water slides, inflatable obstacle courses, river rafting, bungee jumping, and other attractions such as the “Mega Swing,” where daredevils, well-secured and freed from the fear of heights, swing into a thrilling freefall experience. Classics like the good old soccer game – with one or two blue toes included – also contributed towards team building.

The ‘Slip and Slide’ where the full force of gravity and plenty of water are the main ingredients taught us how to fly – or fall and try again.

Picture gallery: Istari Vision team event and stay at Area 47

The main highlight was whitewater rafting through the Austrian Alps. The wild rapids of the roaring river knew no mercy. With crazy swirls, currents, drops, and waves, the team pulled together to achieve one goal, not to flip the raft and make it to our destination. We did surprisingly well with only one incident – a man overboard, but with the team to hand, they were swiftly rescued.

Bungee jumping, without doubt, was the wildest activity, with six crazy team members taking up the challenge. Hurling ourselves off a 96-meter-high bridge while screaming and crying simultaneously and with a gut-wrenching fear of hitting the ground, this was not for the faint-hearted. It was also surprising and somewhat nerve-racking to see our CEO Wolfgang Rückerl, launch himself from the bridge with military precision.

Our evening event at the River House Bar & Grill, a well-known steak house in Tyrol was also unforgettable. The atmosphere was lively, with people bonding over sizzling steaks and sparkling beers, including Austria’s own Stiegl brews. With the night in full swing, some of us decided to have a boogie, hitting the dance floor and throwing down some retro moves. Others, with a beer in hand, enjoyed a game of billiards, darts, and table football.

Video: Image film of Area 47

The crowning glory

The crowning glory of the weekend was a visit to Untermarkter Alm, a ski lodge and restaurant in the beautiful village of Imst, 1,500 meters above sea level. The team relaxed on the sun terrace, admired the magnificent view of the mountains, and enjoyed the sunset. The event was rounded off with a delicious buffet – the perfect setting to look back on our experiences and bring the weekend to a close.

Farewell and see you soon!

By Sunday, it was time for the journey home. Even though everyone was looking forward to their own bed – exhausted and full of lasting impressions and memories, it was still hard to say goodbye to new friends and teammates.

One thing all participants took home with them: Team building is an essential investment for a company. It creates trust, promotes communication, and increases creativity and cooperation. Team building leads to engaged employees and is essential for a positive company culture. Everyone at Istari Vision knows this, and this will definitely not be the last team event. We aim to motivate the team and form strong, robust working relationships, which is why we choose to do these events.

The Istari Vision team would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts our CEO Wolfgang Rückerl, CTO Christian Grenz, and Franziska Meier for organizing this outstanding event.

We look forward to a shared future with Istari Vision and the adventures to come!

What the team says

“The Istari Vision team building trip was an amazing experience. We strengthened our professional relationships while also becoming closer on a personal level. My highlights include chowing down on Bavarian snacks and whitewater rafting through the Austrian Alps.”

Edward Leavy
– Technical Editor at Istari Vision

“When working remotely, we don’t have the same opportunities to get to know each other. Meeting the team in person showed me how friendly everyone was and how each person has a unique story to tell. I learned that Istari Vision has a strong, dedicated team of like-minded people ready to tackle any challenge. There are no boundaries here, and everyone is equal. My highlight and my biggest challenge was bungee jumping from a 94-meter bridge, a memory that will stay close to my heart.”

Maria Romanova
– Frontend Developer at Istari Vision

“It was a fantastic experience to meet the people I’ve been working with for the first time. You always had the feeling that no matter who you talked to, they would be up for a chat about Elrond and the vision we all share. I am confident that within the next year, we will grow even more as a team, not just in size but also in terms of our performance. I also learned that rafting is awesome but if I should ever be asked to bungee jump again, I’d prefer to stay grounded.”

Louis Austen
– Content Marketing Manager @ Istari Vision

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