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Conquering the crypto market together

Are you developing a crypto project based on the Elrond blockchain and looking for a partner?
Welcome to Istari Vision!

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Generating passive income

Stake EGLD and earn up to 16 % rewards
per year!


Istari Vision & Elrond

Together with Elrond, we develop solutions to problems that others haven’t even encountered yet.
A partnership with a future.

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You are developing a crypto project, rely on the Elrond blockchain and are looking for a partner to realize it? We advise professionally and offer support with hardware and software.

Header Image Consulting

We advise crypto entrepreneurs on strategic issues and the optimal use of hardware and software.

Ideation & agenda setting
Before starting operational work, we identify goals, define project milestones, develop a roadmap and prepare proper documentation. We will provide you with all the tools you need to turn your project into a success.

People Business
Together we identify stakeholders and organize your internal and external project team based on your specifications.

Step-by-step Tutorials / Best Practice
Together with our partners, we offer you professional support. You will benefit from frameworks, templates and tools that facilitate your work.

Header Image Hardware

Without an ideal hardware setup, crypto projects are doomed to fail. We are your partner for next generation hardware.

Decentralized servers
To ensure the highest possible level of decentralization and resilience, our dedicated server hardware is distributed in data centers around the world.

SLA of 99.90 %

To ensure the operation of the hardware and the applications running on it, we have a service level agreement with our hardware providers providing at least 99.90 % hardware availability.


To ensure the security of the technical infrastructure, we rely on providers that meet international standards for security management and risk assessment.

DDoS protection
To guarantee maximum security, a special DDos protection is active on all servers. This ensures the service continuity of the applications in the event of attacks.
Header Image Software

Fast, stable, secure: When it comes to software, we don’t accept compromises to make your crypto project a success.

SPoS und Adaptive State Sharding
The Elrond blockchain is a sharded smart contracts execution platform with a PoS consensus mechanism. It scales with Adaptive State Sharding. Consensus is achieved via secure proof-of-stake.

Performance: 15,000 TPS currently, 6s block time, $0.001 transaction cost, can scale over 100,000 TPS (263,000 TPS in test network), Maiar app with progressive security, social reclamation, embedded DeFi (decentralized finance).

Attractive for developers
Compensation – 30 % SC gas back to authors, full IDE, Rust framework with debugger.

Network setup
Over 2,000 nodes (soon to be 3,200), with 4 shards (adaptivity allows throughput to increase with demand).

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Benefit from our german speaking community to stay informed about our blockchain projects, present your crypto project and find investors.


In our telegram community, you’ll make the acquaintance of developers, investors, and early adopters who exchange ideas about technologies and apps. Benefit from expert knowledge – straight from the development team.


 Informed in the blink of an eye: Enjoy the latest news from our partner network on new achievements and functionalities, updates on our servers, server monitoring and our high-performance infrastructure. See you online!


Partnerships, benchmarks, studies: Our blog is your source for detailed reports, statistics and graphics on current crypto projects. This is how we contribute to the adaptation of new technologies and the transfer of know-how for our community.


You own EGLD and want to generate passive income with staking?
Then you are in the right place.

What is staking?

Staking is a mechanism for validating transactions (e.g., payment or information transfer) on the blockchain. When staking EGLD, users (delegators) deposit a minimum amount of 1 EGLD for a flexible period of time with Istari Vision (validator or staking-as-a-service provider). In return, users receive attractive rewards in EGLD.

Why stake with Istari Vision?

  • Up to 16 % return on investment p. a.
  • Rewards paid out daily
  • Top ratings of our nodes for maximum reward
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • Protection of your finances through passive income

Staking Calculator

Your Elrond eGold (EGLD) stake Rewards p.a.

All data without guarantee.

BUY Egld

EGLD can be purchased directly from Elrond. On the website you can find various payment service providers and platforms that work with the Elrond network.

Alternatively, you can buy Elrond on a crypto currency exchange such as Binance. There, Elrond can be traded for fiat currencies such as Euros or US-Dollars as well as crypto currencies such as bitcoin (BTC) or stablecoins like USDT.

You can buy Elrond from one of the following sellers:

EGLD Staken

If you have purchased your EGLD from a crypto exchange, you will first need to transfer it to an Elrond wallet. To create it, use the link and click on “Create Wallet”. Please follow Elrond’s security instructions when creating your wallet!

Once you have access to your Elrond wallet, click on the “Delegate” navigation item. Select Istari Vision as your staking provider to initiate the staking process. Alternatively, click the “Stake EGLD” button below this text to use Istari Vision’s Delegation Manager.

What has happened so far? 

Since the start of Open Delegation on March 24, 2021 delegators have delegated 305,000 EGLD tokens to Istari Vision. All 88 nodes have been successfully filled. In 3 top-up phases, another 33,000 EGLD have been delegated to Istari Vision since then. The first staking rewards were distributed on April 7, 2021. Delegators now have the opportunity to redelegate their rewards in the Delegation Manager and benefit from the compound interest effect.

What will happen next?

After the Hypergrowth 100 on April 14, 2021 there will be further announcements from Elrond. The demand to EGLD-Staking is extremely high and we are trying to provide more capacity.

To secure a spot, please follow our social media channels for up-to-date information.


Elrond is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise applications and the new internet economy. Elrond’s native token – eGold – also known as EGLD, is used for paying network fees, staking, and rewarding validators. Use cases include fintech, DeFi and the Internet of Things.

To stake, you must provide at least 1 EGLD. There is no maximum.

When the maximum number of 3,200 nodes is reached, the delegator will receive a return of 16 % per year. Since there is a transition period until this goal is reached, higher rewards will be waiting for you in the first period.

Once Open Delegation / Phase 3 is activated, you can delegate at any time. Each delegation is taken into account for the calculation of the rewards – based on the quantity and the time of sending.

There is a 10 day chargeback period for active delegation.

Yes, you can. If you decide to charge back the amounts, the 10 day waiting period for unbinding will apply.

Yes. To do so, use the “Request Now” button in the Wallet. All available eGold will be sent to you immediately. You can delegate the rewards again at any time.

Yes, you can. Each delegation is taken into account for the calculation of rewards, based on the amount and the time of sending.

Shards are smaller partitions of the Elrond network and are used for scaling: each shard is responsible for a portion of the state (accounts, smart contracts, blockchain) and transaction processing, so each shard only has to process a fraction of the transactions.

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Coming soon: Istari Vision adds more token to its staking portfolio!

Coming soon: Istari Vision adds more token to its staking portfolio!


Our servers are currently localized in continental Europe and the USA.
With this approach, we ensure decentralization and maximize security.


Together with Elrond, we develop solutions to problems that others haven’t even encountered yet. A partnership with a future.

Elrond Office

Elrond is a blockchain architecture designed from the ground up to accelerate transaction execution speed by a factor of 1,000. To do so, Elrond relies on two key innovations:

A novel Adaptive State Sharding mechanism and a secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm that enables linear scalability with a fast, efficient and secure consensus mechanism.

As a result, Elrond can process more than 15,000 transactions per second (TPS) with a latency of 6 seconds at negligible cost.

Elrond’s goal is to become the backbone of a borderless, globally accessible Internet economy.

Istari Office
Logo Istari Vision full

Istari Vision has more than four years of blockchain experience supporting key projects – both in terms of finance and infrastructure.

As validators in multiple networks, we have a professional infrastructure suitable for institutional staking. Additionally, we provide token holders with effective tools and valuable expertise.

At Istari Vision, we leverage our blockchain expertise to support the ICO Market Data research platform and, in the long term, to select projects in which our company is participating as a shareholder.

Istari Vision supports teams that are constantly innovating, as we are always looking for the next “game changer” in the crypto market.


Visionary approach
Elrond is the backbone of a globally accessible internet economy. Live since July 30, 2020, Elrond is the first blockchain with state sharding, validated through multiple audits by Trial of Bits and others.

High speed
1,000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed compared to other blockchains.

Adaptive State Sharding Mechanism
Well over 15,000 transactions per second (TPS) with a latency of 6 seconds.

Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm
Linear scalability with a fast, efficient and secure consensus mechanism.

Istari Vision

Security, speed, reliability
Available 24/7, our infrastructure meets the highest industry standards. Certified data centers guarantee high resilience. Optimal rating of our nodes ensures maximum returns for our delegates.

Experience and expertise
More than 4 years of experience in blockchain, DLT (distributed ledger technology) and smart contracts development.

Accessibility and proximity to the core team
Exchange with management & development team to respond quickly to market changes.

Based in Germany and Switzerland
We have a local presence to best inform the community (developers, investors).

Elrond Istari Founder

“The team at Istari Vision is an important local contact with whom we have been working for over two years now. We look forward to consolidating growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their support.”

Lucian Mincu • CIO Elrond

“There are many opportunities for blockchain technology and we are excited to be Elrond’s local ambassador to drive adoption and participation in the ecosystem from the infrastructure level up.”

Wolfgang Rückerl • CEO Istari Vision


Do you have a question about our offer or are you developing a crypto project? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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