Design & Marketing

Whether it’s customers, partners, or your community: our designers and marketing experts will ensure that your messages are communicated to your target audiences in an impactful way.

UX Design

In the crypto market, there is no classic product, no physical and haptic interfaces- everything is digital.

Therefore, professional user experience design across all digital applications is not a free skate, but a duty.

At Istari Vision, good design is not based on intuition. Rather, analytical processes such as A/B tests and surveys form the basis for matching the end result to the needs of the user.

Digital solutions are only successful if expectations regarding content, aesthetics and technology of users are met.


A strong and dedicated community plays a vital role in crypto projects.

There are many opportunities, but also pitfalls: cultivating brand ambassadors, communicating professionally with troublemakers, or building a critical mass of followers – to name just a few. With our expertise, we help you gain readers and convert them into loyal fans.

Since feedback from the community is a valuable asset, we collect suggestions and error reports from the testnet. That way, bugs are weeded out to optimize your product.

Our design and marketing services


Whitepaper with wow effect

In the blockchain market, everything starts with a whitepaper. What are the competitive advantages of your project? Who are the initiators and how strong is your team? What messages, value propositions and emotions should be conveyed?

Together, we develop a whitepaper that convinces your target groups and your community.


Impressive presentations

Whether it is on the crowdfunding platform, at the next pitch, or when looking for partners: as a founder, you present your crypto project to a wide variety of stakeholders. Often, there is only one opportunity to do so.

With a sophisticated presentation, we make sure that you stand out from the crowd.


Videos, screencasts, webinars, tutorials

A professionally produced video is one of many solutions to communicate your founder story and build up your image.

Screencasts, webinars, and tutorials are ideal for making complex content understandable, demonstrating competence, and strengthening trust in your crypto brand.


One-pager, website, web application

For blockchain projects, a professional web presence is particularly important. From prototype, web design to technical development, and step-by-step optimization: we develop user-friendly websites and web applications of the highest quality.


Social Media

From the kick-off to the Token Generation Event (TGE) and beyond: we play on the appropriate social media channels and build the trust of your community through professional content.

AMA: Ask me Anything

We give your story a face: Via live interviews, instant messengers and webinars, you get in direct contact with potential clients, partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

This way, you promote transparency and trust in your project.

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How we work

Orientation meeting

We start with a free and non-binding orientation meeting. During this meeting, we get to know you and the cornerstones of your project and evaluate how we can help you.

Specification workshop

If the chemistry is right, we move on to step 2: In the specification workshop, we clarify important details together with you and subsequently prepare an offer for further cooperation.

Let’s go!

Depending on your requirements and objectives, we support you with our services or act as an external sparring partner.

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