Istari Vision: bridge builder between holoride and Elrond

Brückenbauer zwischen holoride und Elrond

Image: Extended Reality during car rides

holoride‘s innovative XR experience for passengers is supported by the use of blockchain technology. For successful onboarding onto the Elrond Network blockchain and smooth project communication, Istari Vision acts as bridge builder and interface between the Audi spin-out and Elrond.

Strong partners for a successful start

With well-known partners from the automotive industry such as Audi, Porsche and Ford and content partners such as Walt Disney, Universal Pictures and Discovery Channel, holoride has shown early on that it has set out to fundamentally change in-car entertainment with its disruptive approach.

And it also has the support of its backers: The AUDI spin-out successfully closed its Series A at the end of April 2021, raising a total of 10 million euros in capital. The current company valuation is around 30 million euros.

Istari Vision builds the bridge to Elrond

Building an immersive media platform that connects car manufacturers, content creators and users is a technical challenge at the highest level. It is about bringing the respective stakeholders together on one platform, building a transparent and secure ecosystem and ultimately enabling a fair and at the same time attractive revenue sharing model.

Image Video: holoride

The decision in favor of the Elrond blockchain was made after careful consideration and testing by holoride and Audi. In the process, Elrond prevailed over well-known competitors from the blockchain environment as well as alternative technologies.

Swiss-based Istari Vision played a central role in this decision-making process, which lasted several months. The company, which specializes in EGLD staking and blockchain projects, acted as a bridge builder between holoride and the Romanian-based blockchain provider Elrond.

In accordance with the in-house motto “Next Generation Blockchain Projects”, Istari Vision is responsible for the interface management of the development teams imvolved. Furthermore, Istari Vision is supporting holoride in questions regarding the development and management of its blockchain-enhanced ecosystem.

Istari Vision crypto project process
Figure: Process flow of a crypto project at istari Vision.

High demand for consulting and coaching

Even though blockchain technology has been the subject of increased media coverage lately, developers and professionals with blockchain experience are still few and far between.

Decision-makers in companies usually need “digital bridge builders” to explore the potential of blockchain for their business and to manage communication with blockchain providers. This is where Istari Vision can bring its years of experience with blockchain technology to bear and provide optimal advice and support to companies that are considering using blockchain.

Why did the decision fall on Elrond?

With more than 250,000 transactions per second (testnet), maximum security and scalability, and a significant reduction in transaction costs – compared to conventional payment solutions – Elrond is one of the most innovative blockchain technologies around. Its own standards are high: Elrond itself wants to become nothing less than the backbone of a new, global Internet economy with its “Blockchain at Internet scale”.

But it’s not just the technical parameters that speak for themselves: In a demanding segment such as the entertainment industry, the implementation of the holoride media platform also requires a strong focus on user-friendliness.

With its in-house crypto wallet Maiar, Elrond has already proven in 2020 that this is precisely one of its strengths. At the time of writing (Oct. 26, 2021), the Maiar app has already been downloaded more than 520,000 times. The launch of the decentralized Maiar Exchange in Q4/2021 will further underline Elrond’s commitment to optimal usability and user experience.

We support you in onboarding to the Elrond blockchain

From consulting and workshops, to software development, design, marketing, and project management: Istari Vision offers its business partners a comprehensive service pool pool to make blockchain projects a success together with Elrond.

Contact us for more information on “Next Generation Blockchain Projects”.

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