Power to the Builders: Istari Vision 2022 Partner Review

Istari Vision Jahresrückblick 2022

In 2022, the toughest projects in Web3 continued building innovative products despite the turbulent market conditions. At Istari Vision, we are proud to work closely with many of those relentless builders. Join us as we recap the greatest milestones from our partners in the MultiversX (formerly Elrond) ecosystem and preview what’s next for these exciting projects.

Entity: a high energy year for Istari Vision

Before diving into our partner’s highlights from 2022, let’s take a quick look at Istari Vision’s own milestones from the past year. Our project Entity, Growth Engine for Web3, made its debut as part of a joint effort with the team at  Titan Stake. Chosen as a Gold Partner at X Day, Entity features a suite of next-level blockchain tools and a launchpad for high potential projects building on MultiversX.

Entity Istari Vision

Screenshot: Entity, Growth Engine for Web 3, is ready to elevate the MultiversX ecosystem

Within Istari Vision, our developers also built several powerful Web3 products that are launching soon to help grow projects across the network.

Finally, Istari Vision was proud to host the first-ever German MultiversX Community Event in Regensburg, which connected builders, investors and community leaders from around the world.

istari vision elrond community event

Photograph: networking at the German MultiversX (Elrond) Community Event hosted by Istari Vision

AshSwap: a spark for MultiversX DeFi

One of the keynote speakers at our Community Event in Regensburg was Neil Nguyen, Founder and CEO of AshSwap.

It has been a pleasure working with Neil and his dedicated team as they launch the first stable-swap exchange on MultiversX. With benefits like extremely low fees and slippage, AshSwap represents a key building block in the MultiversX DeFi ecosystem.

AshSwap Istari Vision

Screenshot: AshSwap is kickstarting DeFi on MultiversX

As the 4th ever Maiar Launchpad project, AshSwap also successfully closed their private sale, launched the ASH token, and was featured at X Day in Paris. And after two successful Battle of Yields competitions this year, we look forward to their mainnet launch in early 2023!

Gnogen: entertainment meets innovation

2022 was also a year full of highlights for the innovators at Gnogen.

The team pushed forward with new art and new ideas as one of the premier comic-style NFT producers on any blockchain. This year, Gnogen acquired the Validators brand and released two new series, Doga and Aermes, with rich animated art and vibrant storylines.

Gnogen Istari Vision

Screenshot: the Gnogenverse is taking shape on MultiversX

Gnogen also is on the cusp of releasing a new website design along with gaming experiences and their ‘Gnogenverse’ digital world. Powered by the GNG token and developers with experience at AAA gaming studios, we can’t wait to see this project leverage all the power that MultiversX has to offer.

holoride: the Motorverse takes a leap forward

Holoride is another exciting project that we are proud to work alongside.

Holoride’s extended reality (XR) system combines mobility and entertainment in a highly innovative product. This year, holoride launched their flagship product for select Audi vehicles across Germany. Early 2023 will mark their U.S. market launch, with more countries in Europe and Asia to follow.

holoride istari vision

Screenshot: holoride is revolutionizing in-car entertainment

In addition to launching their very first NFT collection, Cloudbreakers, holoride Founder & CEO Nils Wollny spoke at a range of conferences including SXSW, our community event in Regensburg, and X Day in Paris.

Knights of Cathena: adventurers welcome!

With this year’s alpha launch, Knights of Cathena has been turning heads across the GameFi space.

Built by fivefingergames, this project prioritizes quality gameplay over grinding for rewards. Early Knights of Cathena supporters have been able to test the product and refine their strategies on the MultiversX devnet, with real prizes to be distributed to alpha testers when their token goes live.

Knights of Cathena Istari Vision

Screenshot: Knights of Cathena is redefining the GameFi space

With other highlights including a partnership with the gaming guild and a keynote presentation at our Regensburg event, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Knights of Cathena next year.

Vampire Wars: an ancient force awakens

Another GameFi project that has been relentlessly building is Vampire Wars.

Their game leverages the power of MultiversX and the lore of Transylvania to create a unique world of vampires and crypts. With gameplay that leverages MapBox technology to make the real world into a next-level hunting ground, Vampire Wars launched their beta testing in 2022.

Vampire Wars Istari Vision

Screenshot: the vampires are awakening at Vampire Wars

Cătălin Rîmaru, chief vampire and CEO of Dark Skies Studios, gave an electrifying keynote presentation at our community event in Regensburg. With a growing team and community, the future is bright for Vampire Wars.

Elrond turns into MultiversX: A new chapter begins

It wasn’t just our partners who made a lot of progress in 2022.

By transforming and expanding into MultiversX, the network formerly known as Elrond stepped up to reposition itself and shape the future of blockchain technology. MultiversX confirmed its place as a leading innovator through unveiling a groundbreaking set of products including xPortal, xExchange, xFabric, xWorlds, and xMoney.

MultiversX Istari Vision

Screenshot: the Elrond Network transformed into MultiversX

The beginning of 2023 marks a new chapter for MultiversX, Istari Vision and all of our hardworking partner projects. With more breakthroughs right around the corner, we hope you all stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Testimonials from our Elrond Community Event

Nils Wollny, holoride

Sandor Horvath, OTH Regensburg

Alex Radu, MultiversX

Cătălin Rîmaru, Dark Sky Studios

Lucian Mincu, MultiversX

Jose F. Aznar, PalmTreeNetwork

Neil Nguyen, AshSwap

Lukas Anetsberger, fivefinger games

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