Istari Vision Hosts First-Ever German Elrond Community Event

Elrond Community Event Regensburg

On 22 October 2022, Elrond users and builders joined Istari Vision for the first-ever German Elrond Community Event. More than 20 projects and 140 guests connected over their shared passion for blockchain innovation at the Leerer Beutel cultural center in the Regensburg Old City. We are proud to present a full recap of the event!

Connecting the Elrond community

The historical city of Regensburg was the perfect location to hold the first German-speaking Elrond Community Event. Although Istari Vision is based out of Switzerland, many of the core Istari team members live in the Regensburg area. Istari Vision also works with several partners from the surrounding region of Bavaria, such as Munich-based holoride and Knights of Cathena from Deggendorf.

The event kicked off with a buffet and some networking time as the cozy venue “Leerer Beutel” filled up with Elrond enthusiasts. The room buzzed with excitement as people connected with friends, new faces, and colleagues that they had previously only met online.

Elrond Community Event Germany 2022

Image: The “Leerer Beutel” in old town Regensburg turned out to be the perfect event location

After a brief introduction by Istari Vision’s David Schweiger, the event was fully underway and the event partners began to share their projects.

The builders’ showcase begins

Sandor Horvath of OTH Regensburg started the day with an overview of how extended reality and blockchain technology is changing the construction and real estate industries. Wearing a red Bananenflanke jacket, Sandor joked that he looked like Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) before thanking Istari Vision for their support of the Bananenflanke charity soccer club where he has serves as trainer. His presentation discussed how “digital twins” of buildings on the blockchain can disrupt the construction and real estate industries.


Image: Sandor Horvath of OTH University Regensburg

To  demonstrate the potential of augmented reality, Sandor invited the audience to participate in HoloLens demos throughout the day.

Elrond Community Event Istari Vision

Image: Experiencing Augmented Reality at Istari Vision’s Elrond community event

The following presenter was Lukas Anetsberger, Founder and CEO of Five Finger Games. Lukas discussed how his team is passionate about gaming and aims to bridge the gap between entertainment and blockchain technology. He explained how Knights of Cathena’s UX and Play-and-Earn economics create a seamless experience with an exceptionally easy onboarding process. Lukas finished with a demo of Knights of Cathena’s gameplay and showed how players can collect NFT-based loot.

Elrond Community Event Knights of Cathena

Image: Lukas Anetsberger preparing for his gameplay demo

Next up was Nils Wollny, Co-founder & CEO of holoride. After a short video introduction, Nils explained how holoride began as a spin-out from Audi and ultimately launched their $RIDE token on Elrond as the first Maiar Launchpad project last year. Holoride adds thrill to every ride by creating immersive in-vehicle entertainment experiences, with the goal of converting travel time from “lost time” into next-level enjoyment. Nils teased a big announcement upcoming at the Elrond X-Day event in Paris, and hinted that holoride’s upcoming product launch this quarter is “only the first step”.

Istari Vision Community Event Holoride

Image: Nils Wollny on stage presenting holoride

A glimpse into the Motorverse

After Nils’ presentation, the Istari Vision team held the first lottery giveaway of the day. Using a special smart contract and event dApp, the lottery process leveraged the power of the Elrond Network to fairly distribute prizes in real time to event attendees. A handful of lucky winners got to enjoy a holoride demo experience through the streets of Regensburg. After a cloudy morning, the sun emerged in time for a beautiful afternoon of test drives.

Eleond Community Event Germany Winners

Image: Dino Lalic (left) getting ready for his holoride

More projects, more innovation

Following the break, it was time for one of the day’s most anticipated speakers: Neil Nguyen from AshSwap! As the Founder and CEO of the current Maiar Launchpad project, Neil flew to Germany from Vietnam and will remain in Europe for X-Day. Neil’s presentation discussed a big-picture perspective of the overall Elrond DeFi ecosystem and how AshSwap represents a key building block. He talked about the importance of using the right metrics and the right narratives to evaluate decentralized finance. While AshSwap will help supercharge the Elrond DeFi scene with its stable-swap exchange, Neil emphasized that other DeFi projects like Hatom Protocol and Entity must also help collectively form a strong foundation for Elrond.

Elrond AshSwap Istari Vision

Image: Neil Nguyen (left) shared insights about AshSwap, the current startup on Elrond’s Maiar Launchpad

The next presenter was Sergi Valero Pujol, Founder & CEO of Moonlorian. Sergi explained how Moonlorian is a blockchain business laboratory that helps a wide variety of startups build on Elrond. He provided an overview of the main use cases of Web3, and described how Elrond is a next-generation network. With a range of services including business consultancy, smart contract development, funding, and technical integrations, Moonlorian has helped a huge amount of projects build on Elrond.

Elrond Comunity Event Moonlorian

Image: Sergi Valero Pujol speaking for Moonlorian

Cătălin Rîmaru, Founder and CEO of Vampire Wars, gave the next presentation about his project’s next-level strategy game building on Elrond. Cătălin and his team from Dark Skies Studios joined the event from Bucharest, Romania. With a rich story, exciting gameplay, and advanced blockchain economics, Vampire Wars is poised to become a breakout hit in the gaming community. Just in time for Halloween, Cătălin played a spooky video that explained the game’s lore before discussing how Vampire Wars is built to scale and reconcile the gap between the crypto and gaming communities.

Vampire Wars Elrond Community Event

Image: The venue turned blood red for the Vampire Wars presentation

After Vampire Wars, Ahmed Serghini of Hatom Protocol shared a video presentation with the help of Wolfgang from Istari Vision. This lending and borrowing protocol is set to become a fundamental building block of the growing DeFi ecosystem, with fewer intermediaries than in traditional finance and dynamic interest rates that fluctuate based on supply and demand principles.

Hatom Elrond Community Event

Image: Ahmed Serghini’s video presentation for Hatom

Finishing the day strong

After another brief pause, Stefan Viete from KryptoEule shared his experience as a successful YouTuber in the German-language crypto community. Stefan has known the Istari Vision Team since 2019, and has extensively covered Elrond and projects from the ecosystem like holoride. In his presentation, he discussed how we need new trends and narratives to push things forward. As an example, Stefan said he believes GameFi projects will be the next major catalyst in Web3.


Image: Stefan Viete from “KryptoEule” during his presentation.

Next, Wolfgang Rückerl presented Entity, growth engine for the Elrond Network! As CEO and Co-founder of Entity, Wolfgang shared the latest updates from this joint project that is being developed by Istari Vision and Titan Stake. He discussed how the Entity platform will empower a range of different stakeholders on Elrond and help accelerate the overall growth of the network. He also gave a preview of some upcoming DeFi features on Entity before revealing the project roadmap through the end of 2023.

Entity Elrond Community Event

Image: Istari Vision and Entity Co-Founder & CEO Wolfgang Rückerl presents Entity, growth engine for the Elrond Network

Finally, Dr. Matthias Niedermüller of Niedermüller Attorneys shared his knowledge about navigating the legal hurdles of the crypto space. Based out of Liechtenstein, Matthias’ law firm is an industry leader in blockchain law and regulations. Matthias has worked with a range of Web3 companies and gave an interesting overview of how this topic affects different business and token models.

"It was an honor to meet so many Web3 builders and enthusiasts at the Istari Vision Community Event in Regensburg. We are very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic community here on Elrond.” 

—  Daniel Taranu - Co-Founder of Entity and Titan Stake

Rewarding the community on-chain

After a break for dinner and bar service, Stefan from KryptoEule served as the host and Glücksfee (good luck fairy) for the final lottery drawings. In addition to the holoride experience from earlier in the day, Istari Vision and its partners gave out a total of 244 prizes to event attendees. The prizes included clothing, special access to games like Knights of Cathena and Vampire Wars, EGLD from D1fferent Capital, rare NFTs from Gnogen, and more.

Even better- the whole lottery took place on the Elrond blockchain! Istari Vision’s developers built a platform that leveraged the Elrond Network to deliver prizes in a secure and speedy manner. Beyond leaving the audience happy and decked out in new merch, this experience provided a built-in use case for the power of Elrond.

See you in Paris!

After the lottery concluded, the event began to wind down as guests enjoyed some last drinks and networking. The Istari Vision Team would like to thank the staff of Leerer Beutel, who truly embodied the German principle of Gastfreundlichkeit (hospitality). We also would like to give a huge thank you to all of our partners and guests who traveled from across the globe to bring this event to life.

Lucian Mincu Elrond Community Event

Image: Lucian Mincu, CIO of Elrond (left) attended the Elrond community event

Overall, the Elrond Community Event was the perfect prelude to Elrond’s X-Day next month. Members of the Istari Vision and Entity Teams will join Elrond X-Day from November 3-5, and we hope to see many familiar faces in France. Make sure to tune in on November 5th, as Wolfgang Rückerl will present Entity to the entire Elrond community!


Nils Wollny, holoride

Sandor Horvath, OTH Regensburg

Alex Radu, MultiversX

Cătălin Rîmaru, Dark Sky Studios

Lucian Mincu, MultiversX

Jose F. Aznar, PalmTreeNetwork

Neil Nguyen, AshSwap

Lukas Anetsberger, fivefinger games



All available presentations of our event are available here in a ZIP file for download. Please use the password we already sent for the event or feel free to contact us directly.

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