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Munich-based company and AUDI spin-out holoride will soon transform everyday car trips into hyper-immersive experiences. This will be made possible by combining navigation and vehicle data with extended reality (XR). The promise: Put on VR goggles, immerse yourself in another world and explore virtual worlds. The Elrond blockchain technology provides the secure foundation for building the holoride ecosystem.

What makes the holoride experience so special?

Extended reality enriched with driving physics

Until now, immersive experiences – experiences in which users perceive a virtual environment as (almost) real – have been mainly visual. holoride extends this approach to include real-time physical feedback from the vehicle, thus intensifying the experience. You feel what you see. With holoride, reality becomes part of the game, every ride a new adventure.

Content becomes “elastic”

The XR content adapts “elastically” to route length and type, driving style and location. The virtual experience is optimally tailored to the journey and the user’s needs. holoride is thus creating a new and innovative media category for vehicles: “Elastic Content”. Whether entertainment, education, productive work or content that actively relaxes travelers: holoride has the potential to change entertainment on the road and in daily urban traffic forever.

"holoride is leading the way in turning time spent in the passenger seat into time well spent. It's not easy to integrate so many different complex technologies into one product that feels seamless."  —  Palmer Luckey, Founder, Oculus VR (facebook)

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Strong partners for long-term success

Projects in cooperation with renowned partners from the automotive industry such as Audi, Porsche and Ford and content partners such as Walt Disney, Universal and Discovery give an indication that holoride will offer entertainment at the highest level.

To build an immersive media platform that connects all participating partners with system users, holoride also relies on technology from blockchain provider Elrond.

holoride ecosystem

Illustration: the holoride ecosystem

holoride relies on the Elrond blockchain

A trustworthy technological basis

Connecting the players involved – content creators, car manufacturers, and users – on the holoride media platform only works with secure, trustworthy, resilient, and scalable technology. The Elrond blockchain lays the foundation for this.

Digital content and NFT

Digital assets, such as virtual items and collectibles created by content creators for the holoride platform, are represented by NFT (Non-Fungible Token). With NFT, not only can the ownership of digital objects be clearly clarified, they can also be transferred and traded between individual users.

In addition, they can be used to unlock specific additional functions within the applications. Content creators will earn money on every sale through smart contracts and can thus generate an attractive passive income. This will be reflected in the quality of the holoride experience worlds.

The cost of creating NFT is vanishingly small for a content creator. Users benefit from the high speed and low transaction fees.

Remuneration of partners via the Elrond blockchain

The Elrond blockchain ensures the integrity and transparency of user’s data – with maximum security. holoride uses this data to create an attractive model for rewarding content creators and automotive partners. The latter benefit, for example, from the provision of their vehicle data. Content creators, on the other hand, automatically participate in the success of their creations. This is possible, among other things, because the time users spend in an application is measured and documented on the blockchain.

Invisible and seamless integration of the blockchain

With the integration of the Elrond blockchain, holoride offers its customers and partners the advantages of decentralized blockchain technology without them consciously noticing that they are moving on the blockchain. Thanks to Elrond, the technology works invisibly in the background – including all advantages.

Istari Vision is proud to be part of this highly innovative project and looks forward to continuing to help create a new entertainment era.

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