Vampire Wars: The open-world strategy game relies on the Elrond network

vampire wars istari vision partnership

Romania is well known for its great cultural heritage, traditional folklore and mythology— and of course for being the land of Dracula and vampires! So it’s no surprise that Vampire Wars relies on the Elrond blockchain, which has its home base in the city of Sibiu, Romania. The plan is to evolve Vampire Wars into an immersive open-world strategy game with exciting features and mechanics.

NFTs at the core of Vampire War’s game mechanics

The core idea involves managing vampire characters, territories and crypts through the help of NFT technology. Combined with a powerful resource management system via the dynamic EBLO token, it all comes together in an innovative gaming concept.

“We are building beyond the concept of owning JPEGs. Vampire Wars is an Earth-sized world where players collaborate and compete for territory domination by controlling Vampires, Crypts and Virtual Land in form of NFTs. We aim to release a new genre of P2E mechanics: a complex economical simulation based on entertaining gameplay and simple rules.”

—  Catalin Rimaru, co-founder

The first gaming characters crawl out of their coffins

Vampire Wars’ current focus is to bring to life characters, resources and novel elements of their Metaspace by slowly releasing them alongside background story and lore. The MapBox technology that powers the game’s Open World is undergoing a rapid design overhaul and adaptation to fit the concept, lore and in-game mechanics.

Vampire Wars website

Screenshot: The awakening of the characters on the Vampire Wars Website

With the release of the EBLO token the hunt begins

Further down the road, the Vampire Wars team aims to bring to life the first iteration of their game. Players will be able to use their characters to harness resources and engage in the game’s main activity: hunting.

This will also mark the start of the in-game economics, as EBLO tokens will be released to reward players for gathering resources and unlocking achievements. In the mid term the Vampire Wars team plans to integrate “Player Clans” to offer the ability for teaming up. Long term, the goal is to introduce PvP (Player vs Player) gameplay, to further enhance the gaming experience.

Istari Vision as a reliable partner for Vampire Wars

Istari Vision will support Vampire Wars with consulting and marketing services in the coming weeks and months. The goal is to provide the Elrond community with project details, token economics, investment opportunities, and other crypto-related information, as well as facilitate the onboarding process on the Elrond blockchain.

Leading blockchain projects to common success

Istari Vision’s mission is to support businesses and investors in understanding and utilizing the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with a comprehensive service pool and a fast-growing, international team in three business segments: Incubator, Innovator, Infrastructure.

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