Play-and-Earn: the gaming revolution of “Generation Blockchain”

Knights of Cathena Play and earn

You might have heard of Play-to-Earn gaming, but what about Play-and-Earn? With the innovative strategy game Knights of Cathena, you don’t need an initial investment nor extensive blockchain knowledge to have fun while earning rewards in the form of $CGLD tokens!

What is Play-to-Earn?

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a type of game featuring virtual assets that can be converted into real-world currency. Unfortunately, many P2E games have restrictive barriers to entry, such as requiring ownership of NFTs to even participate. Furthermore, the earning mechanics of P2E often feel like the primary focus instead of the actual gameplay.

Play-and-Earn: enjoy rewards from playing

Play-and-Earn (P&E) games, on the other hand, put the gaming experience first. The upcoming P&E release Knights of Cathena has no access barriers so users jump right into an exciting, turn-based fantasy world. Developed in Germany by fivefingergames GmbH, Knights of Cathena is a multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices.

Once you’ve entered the Knights of Cathena universe, you can start earning your first rewards within 15 minutes. Powered by the Elrond Network, players earn $CGLD tokens to buy powerful items with real-world value. With Knights of Cathena, the developers want to show that it’s possible to have all the advantages of blockchain gaming without needing to sacrifice quality gameplay or take money out of players’ pockets with pre-sold NFTs. The support of the Elrond blockchain makes these improvements possible.

Our players can simply create an account via the usual social media — Google, Facebook or Apple — and start playing immediately without having to forgo the reward mechanisms. This allows casual players without blockchain know-how to access our game effortlessly.”

—  Lukas Anetsberger, CEO fivefingergames

Safeguarding your property via NFTs

The weapons and equipment in Knights of Cathena are stored as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Elrond blockchain, meaning players have true ownership of their loot and game items like never before. And with the game’s token, $CGLD, users can even get a say in the future development of the game—such as steering the development of new items.

Knights of Cathena Gameplay

Screenshot: Gameplay preview of Knights of Cathena

Flawless victory for the Elrond blockchain

But why did Knights of Cathena choose Elrond to be our native blockchain? First of all, Elrond’s low transaction fees put the maximum amount of rewards where they belong— in users’ wallets. Secondly, the Elrond Network is lightning fast and secured by a vast amount of staked assets.

Environmentally conscious gamers should also take notice! With the Elrond Network, fivefingergames uses Europe’s first carbon negative blockchain. Since younger generations in particular are likely to care about both gaming and protecting the environment, this paradigm shift in crypto sustainability helps break down yet another barrier to mass adoption.

Overall, the future is bright for P&E gaming. Knights of Cathena is much more accessible than its P2E predecessors while also featuring a modern and rewarding in-game economy powered by Elrond. Combining addictive gameplay with innovative economics, Knights of Cathena is all set to level up blockchain gaming among the rapidly-growing global gamer community.

Join alpha testing now and start earning $CGLD

The approaching closed alpha test marks another milestone as the release of Knights of Cathena gets closer and closer. Our developers have come up with something special for this: an official waiting list. Users can create an account, complete quests, earn experience points, and secure a spot in closed alpha testing. In addition to the privilege of playing Knights of Cathena before the official release, testing participants will also earn rewards in the form of $CGLD tokens.

For further information about closed alpha testing and the waiting list event, check out our blog:

Istari Vision supports fivefingergames

Istari Vision supports fivefingergames GmbH in realizing the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with our comprehensive pool of services and a rapidly growing international team.

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