Noft: Supercharging the NFT Ecosystem on MultiversX

Partnerschaft zwischen Istari Vision und NOFT

To build the best possible NFT collections, expert builders like Noft help ensure that every detail is executed properly from start to finish. The NOFT Team is highly proficient in all aspects of NFT development, including minting, artwork, branding and more. At Istari Vision, we are excited to partner with Noft to expand our involvement in the NFT ecosystem and further leverage our expertise as a Web3 incubator.

Powered by hardcore builders

While creating NFTs may appear simple, many projects fail to achieve long-term success due to factors such as poor planning and a lack of technical expertise. Noft helps projects develop a comprehensive pre-launch strategy, create a secure and efficient tech stack, and build a passionate community. Overall, the Noft Team have all the skills and experience that are necessary to get top-notch results in the NFT and metaverse space.

Bringing culture to life to MultiversX

Based out of Romania, Noft has already supported several high-profile NFT projects on MultiversX (formerly Elrond). In addition to helping launch Subcarpati OGs, Noft is also a partner of the upcoming Eu, Mălăele project that starts minting today on the MultiversX blockchain.

Whether working with a musical group like Subcarpați or an actor/artist like Horațiu Mălăele, Noft is all about growing Web3 adoption and bringing creative visions to life.

Noft & Istari Vision: Joining forces

With Noft joining the Istari Vision network, we look forward to their support in delivering excellent NFT products for our ecosystem partners. In return, Istari Vision will offer our Web3 incubation services to Noft’s partners who require assistance in areas such as legal incorporation and business development. We believe this cooperation will be mutually beneficial for both projects, while also helping enhance and grow the MultiversX NFT community.

“At Noft, we're passionate about guiding brands onto the transformative path of blockchain. Our mission is to reshape public understanding of NFTs by introducing innovative approaches with each project. From music band membership access and NFT ticketing to pure artistic expression, we're constantly exploring diverse use cases. We're all about mass adoption, so stay tuned for our captivating upcoming projects that you won't want to miss.”

—  Bogdan Vasilescu, CEO and Co-Founder

See you at Saga Festival

The Eu, Mălăele mint isn’t the only exciting news from the builders at Noft! This team is active in not just the metaverse but also the real world, recently launching the .jpeg club networking group that hosts meetups to bring together the NFT community.

Additionally, Istari Vision is thrilled to join Noft at the Saga Festival in Bucharest from June 23-25, 2023!

We will work together at this epic music festival to showcase NFT projects and onboard new users to Web3. Istari Vision will have a booth at the event in a special NFT Area where attendees will use on-chain tickets powered by Noft and the xPortal super app to enter. With 150,000 people expected in the audience, this festival represents the perfect opportunity to kick off our partnership with Noft.

About Istari Vision

As a next-generation Web3 incubator, Istari Vision is all about helping builders and investors get the most out of the MultiversX blockchain. Whether your focus is NFTs, DeFi, or GameFi, our team at Istari Vision has the right resources to help you navigate the challenges of Web3 and reach your goals.

To learn more, check out our About Page and click here to get in touch.

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