Get ready for Knights of Cathena’s Closed Alpha

Knights of Cathena Closed Alpha

Calling all adventurers! Knights of Cathena, a Play-and-Earn mobile game powered by the Elrond blockchain, is launching their Closed Alpha next month. Prepare to discover the world of Altea and start earning rewards!

The adventure begins June 2022

A battle between light and dark is coming to the Elrond Network. Knights of Cathena (KoC) is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game where users can earn $CGO tokens and NFTs without the need for any monetary investment or previous blockchain knowledge. KoC begins its initial Closed Alpha phase in June 2022, giving its fans their first chance to win Play-and-Earn rewards.

Developed by fivefingergames, Knights of Cathena offers a vibrant community where gamers can connect with their friends and compete in exciting PvP action. Early supporters of KoC will have first access to the game’s Closed Alpha that launches next month.

What to expect from the Knights of Cathena Closed Alpha

Alpha testing is when developers invite users to try out their product and look for bugs before its release. This process allows eager fans to get a sneak preview of the action while also helping the development team make sure everything is running smoothly.

Since users will probably find a greater number of bugs in the early stages of testing, the Knights of Cathena team will steadily increase the number of users over time based on their Waitinglist rank.

Knights of Cathena Adon

Visual: Adon, the god of death

Although your progress from the Closed Alpha will not be transferred to later releases, you can still earn some real rewards for playing. This marks the first chance to earn $CGO— Knights of Cathena’s utility token that is powered by the Elrond Network. The more quests and achievements you complete, the more CGO you will receive from the game’s token generation event. Since the KoC team does not plan to hold a presale, joining the Closed Alpha is a fantastic opportunity to get involved before the project’s public sale.

Join the Waitinglist to secure your spot

KoC Waitinglist

Visual: Knights of Cathena’s Waitinglist is the gateway to Closed Alpha

Priority will be given to the top ranking users on Knights of Cathena’s Waitinglist, where community members can complete quests to show their support. On 1 June 2022, a snapshot will be taken of the Waitinglist rankings to determine who gets special early access to Closed Alpha testing.

As displayed in the table below, the top 300 users on the Waitinglist leaderboard will be eligible to participate in the first phase of KoC’s Closed Alpha. The top 100 players will receive three weeks of access starting on 15 June 2022, with the players ranked 101-300 gaining access in the following weeks.

Waitinglist Ranking Closed Alpha Phase 1 Access Dates
3 weeks
15.06.2022 - 05.07.2022
2 weeks
22.06.2022 - 05.07.2022
1 week
29.06.2022 - 05.07.2022

In addition to CGO rewards, the top 300 users will each receive a special edition NFT based on their Closed Alpha results. If you’re not part of the top 300 on 1 June, don’t worry! The Waitinglist will remain open past the first snapshot and all registered users will eventually have a chance to join the Closed Alpha.

Following the Phase 1 Alpha, there will be four more phases with an increasing number of participants. Below is a list of the Closed Alpha Phases with how many users will have access and how long they will be able to play.

  • Phase 1 -> Top 300 -> 3 weeks
  • Phase 2 -> Top 500 -> 2 weeks
  • Phase 3 -> Top 5.000 -> 1 week
  • Phase 4 -> Top 10.000 -> 1 weekend
  • Phase 5 -> Unlimited -> 1 weekend

The world of Altea is as vast as your imagination

Interested in demonstrating your artistic skills? Knights of Cathena is now accepting submissions for their Fanart Contest. This is a great chance to move up in the rankings since each user will earn 3,000 experience points for the Waitinglist if their artwork is accepted. Additionally, everyone who successfully contributes will receive the Painter role on the KoC Discord server.

KoC Fanart

Visual: Earn special rewards in the Fanart Contest

While the Knights of Cathena team is accepting all types of art submissions, the official announcement blog has a few suggestions about what to create. To get some inspiration, we recommend reading up on the fantasy world of Altea. Fivefingergames’ CTO Michael Baudler recently published some background lore about Adon, the god of death, and Cathena, the goddess of life.

“We can't wait to see all the artworks that might come to life by you, our community."

—  Lukas Anetsberger, CEO fivefingergames

Building the future of gaming on Elrond

Knights of Cathena is designed so that even gamers without crypto experience can earn rewards from playing. Although the game’s interface is accessible to all types of users, there is some seriously powerful technology behind it. KoC’s tokens and NFTs are all built on the Elrond Network, which is so efficient that average transaction fees are well below one cent.

elrond knights of cathena

Visual: Knights of Cathena is building on Elrond

This efficiency helped Elrond became Europe’s first carbon-negative blockchain. The Elrond Network is also very reliable, with lightning fast transaction times and minimal outages. Overall, Elrond gives GameFi creators like Knights of Cathena all the benefits of Web 3.0 without the high fees, environmental side effects, and long wait times of other blockchains.

Start preparing for battle

For information about the gameplay in Knights of Cathena Closed Alpha, tune into their presentation live from Blockchain Game Alliance’s demo day at 14:00 CET on May 27th:

You can also find the latest updates from the Knights of Cathena community on Discord and Twitter.

Istari Vision supports fivefingergames

Istari Vision supports fivefingergames GmbH in realizing the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with our comprehensive pool of services and a rapidly growing international team.

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