ENTITY alpha version: Powertools and real time data analysis for the Elrond Network

After an intense development period Istari Vision and Titan Stake proudly present you the alpha version of ENTITY. The dashboard is targeting crypto beginners and pro users alike and is designed to offer structured access to important data from the Elrond Network. In the alpha version ENTITY comes with four innovative modules providing added value to the Elrond community.

In this article we will walk you through the ENTITY modules that are currently available in the alpha version:

Reward Strategies

This innovative module allows users to determine the ideal strategy for generating returns on the Elrond network. It is structured in a four-step process:

  1. It starts with the user choosing his/her preferred Reward Strategy according to the personal risk profile. The strategies range from staking strategies (low risk) to farming strategies (higher risk).
  2. In the next step, users concretize their staking strategy by adjusting the key figures in the ENTITY dashboard to the scenario that suits their needs.
  3. Based on this, farming strategies are defined. This dynamically adjusts the values and type of tokens the user wants to use in the strategy and displays possible yields.
  4. Finally, users compare the earnings potential of the staking strategies with that of the farming strategies in order to select the preferred strategy. The calculation of the returns is done in $USD (common base value).
Entity Reward Strategies

Screenshot: ENTITY Reward Strategies

Staking Provider and Delegator Metrics

This module is aimed at both Staking Providers and Delegators in the Elrond network. For Staking Providers, there is a dashboard that allows them to monitor the development and performance of their Staking Pool.

Delegators get access to a benchmark table that allows them to compare different Staking Providers and make a decision about delegating their tokens. ENTITY also allows delegators to track their delegated holdings, including their staking behavior over time.

Entity Staking provider Metrics

Screenshot: ENTITY Staking Provider Metrics

Tax Tool

For crypto investors, it is crucial to comply with their tax obligations seamlessly. The ENTITY Tax Tool helps users identify and structure their assets held on the Elrond blockchain and make tax calculations as simple and transparent as possible.

To do this, ENTITY collects and tags data from the Elrond blockchain as well as from users’ wallets. In addition, ENTITY provides the ability to manually structure transactions to create a complete and transparent tax report that can be submitted directly to the tax advisor or imported into another tax software via an API.

Entity Tax Tool

Screenshot: ENTITY Tax Tool

Project Launch Monitor

This module allows users to keep track of projects and tokens launching on the Elrond Blockchain and view valuable data to better understand the projects. The module provides a calendar view in conjunction with a market analysis for each project, allowing users to evaluate which projects will be opportunity and revenue generating.

entity project launch monitor

Screenshot: ENTITY Project Launch Monitor

ENTITY Alpha launch

ENTITY is designed and built as a home base for the Elrond community offering limitless possibilities for integrations and provision of powerful features with added value to the Elrond community.

Have fun enjoying ENTITY’s Alpha version accessible at:

Coming up next

We have exciting news in store for you in the coming days and weeks:

  • New version including updates to be deployed every two weeks.
  • Deployment of the beta version with additional modules and functions in Q2, 2022.

Bug reports and feature proposal

We are working on implementing a form in ENTITY to facilitate reporting bugs and feature suggestions. In the meantime, we ask that you use our Telegram channel:

Our admins will evaluate all incoming suggestions and forward them bundled to the development team. Please understand that due to time constraints we cannot comment on every reported bug or suggestion.

We thank you in advance for your valuable support and feedback!

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