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istari Vision Titan Stake partnership

Startups all over the world are using Elrond blockchain technology to realize their visions and create unique applications and web based business models. We, too, have made it our goal to actively shape the Elrond ecosystem. With Titan Stake, we have found a like-minded partner to accompany us on this journey.

Part of the Elrond family from the very beginning

Both Istari Vision and Titan Stake have been part of the Elrond family from the beginning and have supported Elrond’s vision in every way. Together, we are leveraging the potential of the blockchain network and developing applications and tools to support the Elrond ecosystem, some of which are already emerging.

Our teams represent two of the most active geographic regions for Elrond: Romania and Germany. Even though we come from culturally different zones: Istari Vision and Titan Stake share a common determination to help Elrond Network become one of the most popular Layer 1 blockchains in the world.

"The cooperation with Titan Stake has been promising from the very beginning. Our teams have been on the same path since the inception of the network, supporting the Elrond team through every development phase. Together we have already started incubating a series of ideas for innovation around the Elrond Network. We are very much looking forward to a long-term collaboration which will see those ideas come to fruition.”


—  Wolfgang Rückerl, CEO Istari Vision

Titan Stake

As a staking provider for the Elrond network, Titan Stake brings to the partnership a well trained team and a wealth of experience in developing applications for the Elrond network, one of them being “Elrond Scan“, a tool developed for Staking Agency.

The software developers in the Titan team have a deep technical understanding of the Elrond blockchain. This gives us a strategic advantage in developing new blockchain based applications and services.

Screenshot Elrondscan

Screenshot: Elrond Scan – the Elrond Blockchain Explorer

About Istari Vision

From consultations and workshops, to software development, design, marketing and project management:

As one of the largest staking providers in the world, Istari Vision is proud to support enterprises and startups with a wide range of services, resources and solutions around Elrond blockchain technology to make blockchain projects a success together with Elrond.

Contact us for more information on “Next Generation Blockchain Projects” or find out more about Istari Vision …


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