AshSwap: A core pillar in Elrond’s DeFi ecosystem

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AshSwap is the first stable-swap DEX on the Elrond blockchain that allows users to trade stable assets with high volume and low slippage. We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Vietnamese startup.

Elrond’s DeFi vision as the ignition spark for Ashswap

Elrond’s DeFi vision aims to reinvent finance and create an Internet of Value. A number of providers have now answered this call, including AshSwap. With great passion for blockchain technology and a highly innovative approach, the startup will most likely emerge as a key player in Elrond’s DeFi ecosystem.

Stable-Swap AMM: Next level stablecoin trading 

High volatility (fluctuation in the value of tokens) is a significant barrier to entry, especially for newcomers to the crypto market. With the invention of stablecoins this problem has been addressed. AshSwap followed the call by developing a stable-swap AMM for the Elrond network (AMM = Automated Market Maker). AshSwap’s main goal is to create a place to trade stablecoins efficiently.

The startup is determined to make a lasting impact on the Elrond ecosystem with more innovations like the Elrond native $AOC stablecoin, NFTs and gamification to follow.

Focus on finalizing core components

AshSwap’s current focus is on completing the core components of the exchange, including the token stableswap mechanism that makes stablecoin trading possible in the first place. Work is also underway on an incentive mechanism through token farming, as well as the token governance mechanism.

What’s ahead for AshSwap and the Elrond community?

AshSwap’s mission is to create one of the most user-friendly Exchanges. The amazing implementation of the stable swap mechanism combined with novel yield enhancement techniques makes AshSwap a hot candidate to play a key role in shaping DeFi developments at Elrond.

With $AOC, AshSwap is also introducing a new stablecoin to the Elrond ecosystem. This will unleash a new liquidity boost by allowing liquidity providers to mint $AOC with LP tokens as collateral.

Istari Vision and AshSwap

Istari Vision is partnering with AshSwap to support the continous development of the Elrond DeFi ecosystem and trigger a new wave of liquidity for stablecoins. With our resources we will support AshSwap in the areas of marketing, business development and technical development.

"Istari Vision has always been a part of Elrond's success, founded in numerous valuable contributions since its inception. Moreover, with experience in strategy, consulting and marketing, Istari Vision supports many projects like Knights of Cathena, Gnogen and holoride ($RIDE) in their successful token launch. Not to forget: Istari Vision is one of the largest staking providers in the world, with currently $88 million in capital under management.”


—  Neil Nguyen, CEO AshSwap

Leading blockchain projects to common success

Istari Vision’s mission is to support businesses and investors in understanding and utilizing the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with our fast-growing, international team in three business segments: Incubator, Innovator, Infrastructure.

From consulting and workshops, to software development, design, marketing, and project management: Istari Vision offers a comprehensive service pool to make blockchain projects a success together with Elrond.

Contact us for more information on “Next Generation Blockchain Projects” or learn more about Istari Vision here …

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