A milestone for our partner

Knights of Cathena Launches on Epic Games

Knights of Cathena as one of the first Blockchain Games on the Epic Game Store

Our partners at Knights of Cathena are all about bringing the excitement of blockchain gaming to the mainstream. With KoC now available to hundreds of millions of gamers through the Epic Games Store, MultiversX GameFi is closer to mass adoption than ever before!

Hard work pays off

At Istari Vision, we value partners who have hardcore teams and high-potential products. Powered by the dedicated builders at fivefingergames, Knights of Cathena (KoC) sets a high standard in both of these categories.

Since its Closed Alpha release last year, KoC CEO Lukas Anetsberger and his team have been hard at work to relentlessly improve their game and prepare for MultiversX mainnet.

This electrifying game offers the perfect balance between the freedom, rewards and self-custody of Web3, and the addictive and accessible gameplay of popular Web2 games. This balance is one of the reasons KoC was selected as one of the first Web3 projects listed on its widely successful Epic Games Store platform.

Next stop: mass adoption

Today, Knights of Cathena officially became available on the Epic Games Store for over 230 million users across the globe. Mac and PC gamers will immediately be able to play KoC for free, with the possibility to integrate in-app purchases in the future. This presents a potentially powerful monetization avenue to support the KoC virtual economy.

Knights of Cathena listed on the Epic Game Store

Overall, this listing harmonizes perfectly with Knights of Cathena’s vision of easy onboarding to Web3. Since KoC allows users to start earning token and NFT rewards without any barriers to entry such as manually creating a wallet, the Epic Games Store will offer a seamless pathway for a huge wave of new users to discover the power of MultiversX.

Joining elite company

Epic Games is one of the biggest players in the gaming industry. In addition to boasting over 30 million daily active users, Epic Games has also developed some iconic games such as Fortnite that are beloved by gamers around the world.

While the Epic Games Store hosts over a thousand PC games, KoC was selected as one of the very first Web3 games to become available. As of March 2023, there were only 5 GameFi products hosted by Epic Games. This puts Knights of Cathena in a uniquely early position to bridge the gap between the Web3 and traditional gaming worlds.

Powered by MultiversX

Through delivering a seamless blockchain gaming experience, KoC makes it easy for new users to fall in love with MultiversX’s speed, intuitive UI and low transaction fees. Perhaps coincidentally, MultiversX is partners with Tencent who own a significant stake in Epic Games. In terms of adoption, Web3 games like Knights of Cathena are a great way to showcase the power of MultiversX to new users and even introduce gamers to other Web3 use cases like decentralized finance (DeFi).

From Bavaria to the World

Here at Istari Vision, we are very proud to call Knights of Cathena our partners. Based out of Southern Germany, fivefingergames is just around the corner from many Istari Vision team members in the Regensburg area.

Since February 2022, Istari Vision has helped incubate this exciting project to get the most out of MultiversX and develop an innovative, sustainable business model for years to come. Despite their tremendous progress so far, we believe the best is still yet to come for this GameFi gem.

Don’t miss what comes next

Starting with the current alpha version, Knights of Cathena will be updated on the Epic Games Store for each subsequent release. This includes KoC’s much-anticipated mainnet launch, where gamers will earn $CGO tokens that offer real-life value for their playtime. Leading up to their launch, the Istari Vision Team will continue supporting these high-energy builders every step of the way.

In addition to Epic Games, you can also play Knights of Cathena directly on Android, iOS and Windows. Make sure to also follow KoC on Twitter and join them on Discord and Telegram. You can also find them streaming on Twitch every Wednesday at 17:00 PM UTC.

Finally, don’t miss Knights of Cathena CEO Lukas Anetsberger give a special presentation and share his insights on GameFi at the upcoming Entity Builders Forum free online event on June 10!

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