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Mobility and the blockchain

The automobile of the future is networked with service providers and external partners. The properties of the Elrond blockchain – security, decentralization and speed – offer automotive manufacturers and mobility service providers scope for designing innovative mobility concepts.

Blockchain & Monitoring

The Elrond blockchain and smart contracts can be used to monitor the life cycle of a vehicle. If a car is defective, it can independently suggest repair options, order spare parts, negotiate repair costs, and hire a suitable repair shop.

Everything repaired? Time for automatic payment – via smart contract!

Blockchain technology is already supporting the development of self-driving cars. In the process, traffic data is collected in real time to continuously improve the technology.

Blockchain & Security

Car-to-car communication can be used to communicate accidents and sudden events, such as severe weather, to other road users. This avoids (further) accidents.

Intelligent congestion management shows alternative routes to congested roads. The service is billed via a transaction on the Elrond blockchain.

Smart contracts can help to clarify the question of who is to blame in the event of an accident, provided that the relevant data such as the driver, driving behavior, etc. are stored in the blockchain.

The Elrond blockchain for the mobility industry

The potential applications of the Elrond blockchain for mobility service providers are as diverse as they are visionary. You too can rely on the technology of tomorrow.


Blockchain & Carsharing

Blockchain-based networks integrate vehicles, mobility service providers and infrastructure operators on a common platform. This is how “smart” mobility concepts can be realized. The costly purchase and operation of a car will soon become superfluous.


The Elrond blockchain enables innovative after-sales services and in-car offers, such as entertainment programs for accompanying children or info offers for sights along the travel route.


With Smart Contracts, the charging problem for e-vehicles can be solved. It is conceivable, for example, that charging power in a residential area could be obtained from private sources and settled via a transaction on the Elrond blockchain.

Toll & Parking

Tesla is already working on automatic toll payment. The car and the toll station are networked via the blockchain. When a driver passes a toll station, he or she is billed via smart contract: simple, secure, convenient.

Smart contracts enable automatic payment for parking space use. Defective pay stations, lack of card payment options and other problems are now a thing of the past.

Leasing & Lending

Car leasing or private car rental can be controlled by smart contracts.

If a customer makes his payment properly, he can use the car without any problems. In the event of non-payment, the on-board computer locks the vehicle. Use is no longer possible.


Blockchain & Car Insurance

The black box inside a vehicle transmits information on driving style to the insurance company at the driver’s request. If the driver drives in an exemplary manner, his insurance premium is reduced.


TÜV approvals

Many modifications to the vehicle require an expert opinion and registration and TÜV approval.

The Elrond blockchain stores vehicle data in a tamper-proof manner. In the event of a traffic control, a QR code can be scanned to see for which modifications approvals, certificates and registrations are available.


Authenticity verification and proof of ownership

The history stored on the blockchain leads to transparency when buying and selling a vehicle.

To this end, ownership, mileage, damage and repairs are fully documented so that they can be viewed when the vehicle is resold.

In addition, the authenticity of spare parts can be verified to protect dealers, used car buyers, leasing companies and insurers from fraud.

More about the Elrond blockchain

The Elrond blockchain will revolutionize the mobility industry. We show you why!

Functional Comparison

Elrond is a high-performance blockchain technology based on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It was developed to eliminate vulnerabilities of other blockchains. Actually, we claim that Elrond is the best blockchain technology in the world.

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Advantages of the Elrond blockchain

Blockchain Technology
Transactions without intermediary, fail-safe through decentralization, protection against manipulation.

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Adaptive State Sharding

More than 15,000 transactions per second possible, scalable upwards for maximum performance.

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Secure Proof of Stake
Optimal protection for sensitive data and information as well as an improved eco-balance.

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Low costs

Minimal transaction costs to ensure your competitiveness and optimize your pricing strategy.

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Adaptable Smart Contracts

Automatic transactions and payments according to defined rules and conditions. Smart, isn't it?

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Elrond ecosystem

Extensive network of validators, developers, investors, research partners and exchanges.

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