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Healthcare, pharma and the blockchain

Blockchain technology improves patient care and clinical and pharmaceutical management. Smart contracts ensure the protection of patient data and provide for its optimal aggregation and evaluation. Thus, therapies can be optimized and human lives can be saved

Blockchain reduces data silos

Medical data, patient records, and reports are already stored digitally today.

The problem: the data is usually not linked to each other and is managed separately.

The danger: therapy and treatment errors and an needless burden on the healthcare system.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain architecture and cryptographic functions ensure secure data exchange. In this way, data silos can be optimally merged while complying with legal requirements and patient protection.

Blockchain & organ donation

In the past, falsification of waiting lists for organ donations occurred. The willingness of the population to donate an organ declined drastically as a result.

The Elrond blockchain can prevent such manipulations.

The Elrond Blockchain for Healthcare & Pharma

The potential applications of the Elrond blockchain for healthcare and pharma are as diverse as they are visionary. Put your money on the technology of tomorrow.


Blockchain & Smart Devices

Devices such as insulin pumps can be connected to the patient’s profile using the blockchain. The values of the blood glucose measurement can be compared to the physician’s specifications. The device is then able to automatically adjust the medication.

Quality assurance

Blockchain technology and smart contracts can be used to control the quality of pharmaceuticals.

The production and cold chain – from manufacture to delivery to pharmacies – can be monitored and stored in the blockchain. Counterfeit drugs are made considerably more difficult. Patients can transparently track compliance with quality standards.


Blockchain & Accounting

Pharmacies, hospitals and other participants in the healthcare sector can use blockchain technology to settle accounts with each other effectively and without manipulation.

This allows inefficient processes and structures to be dissolved and costs to be saved.


Blockchain & Research

Access to patient data is crucial in the field of medical research.

The security aspect of blockchain could significantly contribute to patients voluntarily providing their data for research and development.


Blockchain & fraud prevention

Today, damage caused by “air prescriptions” runs into billions of euros.

With the help of smart contracts, fraud in the billing of prescriptions with health insurers can be virtually eliminated. Electronic prescriptions can be issued, approved, and documented securely.


Online appointment

Making appointments is a challenge in healthcare. Poor capacity management and a lack of online tools often result in long waiting times.

A blockchain-based appointment management system that links all practices and clinics provides a remedy. Unnecessary phone calls between patients and medical practices are eliminated.

Secure data exchange and privacy are ensured through cryptographic encryption.


Blockchain & prevention

Data on disease patterns and therapies provide valuable input for blockchain-based AI systems. This allows diseases to be predicted and suitable therapies to be provided as quickly as possible.

The protection of patient data is guaranteed by the Elrond blockchain.

More about the Elrond blockchain

The Elrond blockchain is set to revolutionize healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. We show you why!

Functional Comparison

Elrond is a high-performance blockchain technology based on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It was developed to eliminate vulnerabilities of other blockchains. Actually, we claim that Elrond is the best blockchain technology in the world.

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Advantages of the Elrond blockchain

Blockchain Technology
Transactions without intermediary, fail-safe through decentralization, protection against manipulation.

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Adaptive State Sharding

More than 15,000 transactions per second possible, scalable upwards for maximum performance.

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Secure Proof of Stake
Optimal protection for sensitive data and information as well as an improved eco-balance.

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Low costs

Minimal transaction costs to ensure your competitiveness and optimize your pricing strategy.

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Adaptable Smart Contracts

Automatic transactions and payments according to defined rules and conditions. Smart, isn't it?

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Elrond ecosystem

Extensive network of validators, developers, investors, research partners and exchanges.

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