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Partnership fivefingergames

Gamers, watch out! The indie game studio “fivefingergames” is launching the strategy game “Knights of Cathena” on the Elrond blockchain this year. Users can trade and sell their artifacts in a medieval setting. Istari Vision provides marketing and communication support, including news, interviews, and release announcements. In addition, we accompany the onboarding to the Elrond blockchain and advise on the design of the tokenomics.

fivefingergames and Knights of Cathena

fivefingergames, based in southern Germany, was founded in 2019 by a talented team of developers. Just one year later, the company was able to fully finance itself in order to take off with the development of the game idea.

The goal of fivefingergames is to combine the passion for games with state-of-the-art technology to create a groundbreaking gaming experience with “Knights of Cathena“.

In entertaining and challenging medieval battles, players compete against each other and take turns directing small armies of knights, hunters and magicians across a chessboard-like playing field to defeat the opposing king. The equipment of the characters consists of self-earned NFTs, which can be purchased with the in-game currency “Cathena Gold“.

Preview: fivefingergame’s Knights of Cathena

Taking advantage of two worlds

In addition to game fun, fivefingergames relies on a combination of proven and innovative technologies to create a unique gaming experience. Instead of Play-2-Earn, it’s all about Play-And-Earn.

The majority of the gaming scene has not yet been able to get to grips with blockchain gaming, and not without reason. For most traditional Play-2-Earn games, the barrier to entry is far too high. The required blockchain know-how or even a required initial investment in the form of cryptocurrencies is out of the question for casual gamers.

"Our Play-And-Earn approach puts the focus on entertainment and fun, at the same time blockchain barriers to entry disappear. Players log in with their common social accounts, play against each other, and earn rewards of real value along the way for doing so. All without sacrificing fun and good game design."

—  Lukas Anetsberger, fivefingergames CEO.

Items are stored on the Elrond blockchain and thus remain in the possession of the players, while the game architecture is operated on conventional servers. This approach is expected to create a new industry standard for the future of gaming, as cross-game multiverses will allow players to use their items in other games.

How did Elrond join the game?

In addition to a global marketplace where you can trade items, there will also be so-called “Noble Houses”. These social meeting places offer players who gather there special game advantages – so-called “ingame perks”.

Owners of Noble Houses will receive rewards in Cathena Gold for each game played, as well as a portion of the marketplace fee for their members’ trades. On the Elrond blockchain, a separate currency in the form of an ESDT token (Elrond Standard Digital Token) is provided as a means of payment for this purpose. Equipment is offered exclusively in the form of NFTs.

The technology for merging ESDTs and NFTs is offered on the Elrond blockchain and is seamlessly integrated into the Elrond ecosystem. In addition, transaction costs on the Elrond blockchain are significantly lower at less than one cent per transaction – compared to tokens such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But also the amazing speed of the Elrond blockchain with more than 15,000 transactions per second offers the best conditions for acceptance by the gaming community. It goes without saying that these requirement criteria for the technology were carefully weighed and evaluated by fivefingergames in advance.


Apart from the technical highlights, the Elrond network scores with its outstanding user-friendliness. For example, users can quickly and easily enter the crypto world with the in-house smartphone app (wallet) Maiar.

"Not only does blockchain gaming bring an increase in the efficiency and profitability of in-game economies, but it allows for blockchain orchestrated interoperability to fuse multiple different online words into one metaverse. The Elrond Web3 payments infrastructure and rich NFT ecosystem are powerful catalysts for the success of Knights of Cathena."


—  Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO.

Istari Vision as a reliable partner

Knights of Cathena is set to launch on iOS and Android in just a few months. In the meantime, users can register for a closed alpha and beta phase. In addition, there will be further promotions and specials for the gaming community.

Istari Vision will support fivefingergames with marketing and consulting in the coming months. For example, the Play-And-Earn options – powered by the Elrond blockchain – will be presented step by step so that the entry into the Kingdom of Cathena works quickly and smoothly for crypto newbies.

We support you in onboarding to the Elrond blockchain

From consulting and workshops, to software development, design, marketing, and project management: Istari Vision offers its business partners a comprehensive service pool to make blockchain projects a success together with Elrond.

Contact us for more information on “Next Generation Blockchain Projects”.

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