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We are thrilled to welcome mylivn as a new partner! Founded in 2016 and equipped with a seed capital of 9.5 million euros, the Munich based startup gives creators back ownership rights to their social media content. What’s more: With NFTs and the MLVC token, creators can monetize content and earn an attractive income.

Mylivn brings real innovation for content creators

Mylivn was founded because many other social networks have lost focus on their most important target group: content creators. Mylivn aims to remedy this situation and promises to put their interests back at the center of action. More than 330,000 app downloads by March 2022 speak for themselves.

Mylivn believes in fair and transparent content compensation and is committed to distributing an above-average share of its revenues to content producers. Among many other innovative features, mylivn offers

  • a unique monetization model based on the ESDT token $MLVC,
  • an interactive map (smart world) that allows users to connect with locals, participate in live events, and rediscover the world through community content,
  • recommendation tools for maximum reach and virality of user content,
  • complete control over own content according to European privacy standards.

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Monetization of content on mylivn

Mylivn allows creators to share and monetize what they love with the community in a variety of ways – for example, through

  • their share of advertising revenue,
  • the creation and sale of NFTs,
  • providing premium access to user accounts and selected content,
  • the marketing of live streams, and
  • the sale of fan articles and merchandise.

Mylivin’s token: $MLVC

The MLVC token is the universal platform currency of mylivn, allowing users to make and receive payments. MLVC also serves as a currency for businesses that use the token to remunerate collaboration with content producers. The MLVC token is based on the Elrond ESDT standard (Elrond Standard Digital Token) and will be listed on Elrond’s Maiar Exchange in Q2 2022

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Istari Vision as a reliable partner for mylivn

Istari Vision will support mylivn with consulting and marketing services in the weeks and months ahead. The goal is to communicate project details, token economics, investment opportunities and other crypto-related information to the Elrond community as well as to support the onboarding to the Elrond blockchain.

Leading blockchain projects to common success

Istari Vision’s mission is to support businesses and investors in understanding and utilizing the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with a comprehensive service pool and a fast-growing, international team in three business segments: Incubator, Innovator, Infrastructure.


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