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Agriculture and the blockchain

From precision farming and food provenance to food quality assurance and web-based farm stores, agriculture is going digital. And we’re helping farms leap into the crypto decade with the Elrond blockchain.

Blockchain and precision farming

In precision farming, sensors measure the size, condition and yield potential of an area of arable land in order to precisely control sowing, fertilization and irrigation.

By connecting professional weather apps, the use of resources is optimized, the return on investment for the farmer is increased and forward planning is calculated.

The resulting data of the machine-to-machine communication runs securely and quickly via the Elrond blockchain and is optimally protected against manipulation.

Good for the farmer, good for the customer, good for Mother Nature.

Blockchain and quality assurance

Whether it’s meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, sensors ensure that the conditions required for transporting a food product, such as temperature and humidity, are precisely maintained.

This protects farmers from financial losses due to damaged goods and ensures satisfied consumers.

The Elrond blockchain for agriculture

The potential applications of the Elrond Blockchain for farmers and agribusinesses are as diverse as they are visionary. You too can rely on the technology of tomorrow with the blockchain.


Blockchain is financial inclusion

Much of the food comes from developing countries and is produced there by micro-farmers. These often do not have access to insurance, banking or other financial services.

With decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain technology opens the door to financial inclusion for these people.

For example, it is conceivable that cryptocurrencies could be used to transfer payments or commissions – without going through intermediaries such as traders or banks – to smallholder farmers.


Blockchain and payment processing

From seed to end product, companies need to be paid for their goods and services along the entire global agricultural supply chain.

The Elrond blockchain processes payments quickly, securely and transparently. With smart contracts, payment processes can be automated and streamlined. This saves resources, eliminates errors and integrates processes such as the automatic deduction of royalties, customs duties and taxes.


Blockchain and nature conservation

Artificial intelligence and big data are making their way into agriculture: machines and systems use sensors and cameras to collect valuable data, analyze it automatically and take over tasks such as sowing and tending the fields.

The system learns independently and optimizes yields while optimally protecting the soil and nature.


Blockchain and proof of origin

Consumers are becoming more demanding and want to know what ends up on their plates and where it comes from.

It is not easy to issue appropriate certifications, because products often travel a long way and pass through many hands – from the producer, to processing companies, to wholesalers and retailers. But: long transport routes and many processing steps are a threat to the transparency of the value chain.

Whether in livestock, fish farming or agriculture: with its tamper-proof nature, the Elrond blockchain is a secure and efficient technology for optimizing logistical processes.


Blockchain and insurance

Using smart contracts, farmers and agribusinesses can configure and easily purchase insurance.

Example: Crop failure insurance

Environmental factors that influence the harvest are stored in the blockchain in a tamper-proof manner. Data from the weather service is automatically matched with the damage report.

In the event of crop damage or failure, insurance coverage takes effect. Payments flow automatically and reliably to the injured party.

More about the Elrond blockchain

The Elrond blockchain will revolutionize agriculture and agribusiness. We’ll show you why!

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Elrond is a high-performance blockchain technology based on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It was developed to eliminate vulnerabilities of other blockchains. Actually, we claim that Elrond is the best blockchain technology in the world.

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Advantages of the Elrond blockchain

Blockchain Technology
Transactions without intermediary, fail-safe through decentralization, protection against manipulation.

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Adaptive State Sharding

More than 15,000 transactions per second possible, scalable upwards for maximum performance.

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Secure Proof of Stake
Optimal protection for sensitive data and information as well as an improved eco-balance.

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Low costs

Minimal transaction costs to ensure your competitiveness and optimize your pricing strategy.

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Adaptable Smart Contracts

Automatic transactions and payments according to defined rules and conditions. Smart, isn't it?

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Elrond ecosystem

Extensive network of validators, developers, investors, research partners and exchanges.

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