Investment Calculator

Compare financial returns of different assets with an investment in EGLD and create your very individual monthly savings plan. Have fun!

This tool is optimized for display and usage on a desktop computer.

How to use the investment calculator

1. Basic settings

In the header section of the calculator you specify

  • your monthly savings rate – the total amount you would like to invest each month in all asset classes as a whole,
  • the investment period in years and
  • the desired currency.

The calculator shows your total investment over the selected period in the top right corner.

2. Percentage breakdown of asset classes

Under “Split”, assign the corresponding percentage values of your monthly amount invested to your assets. For example, if your monthly savings rate is divided equally among the five assets displayed, each asset will receive 20 %. Make sure that the sum of all assets in percent adds up to 100 %. You can also add your own asset, name it and assign it a percentage value.
3. Value increase and/or compund interest rate

Under “Value” and “APY” (= compound interest), enter the yearly value increase and/or interest rates in % given for the corresponding assets. For EGLD, the current values are provided automatically. Please click on the info icons next to the input fields for more details.

4. Asset Yield

The right column displays the yields of the individual assets over the selected term.

5. Taxes, inflation and total yield

In the bottom part of the investment calculator you specify

  • your average tax rate for capital gains (e.g. capital gains tax, income tax) and
  • the current inflation rate for your country.

The calculator then displays your total return after deducting taxes and taking inflation into account.

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