Secure EGLD Staking

You’d like to generate an attractive passive income with EGLD? Then you are exactly right with us because we are among the leading staking providers worldwide.

What is EGLD Staking?

In staking, users (delegators) deposit EGLD tokens with Istari Vision (validator) and thus make a valuable contribution to securing and decentralizing the Elrond blockchain. In return, delegators receive rewards in the form of EGLD.

Current token return per year (APR):

To calculate your individual rewards, please use our staking calculator.

Why stake with Istari Vision?

  • Rewards paid out daily
  • Top ratings of our nodes
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • One of the largest of most trusted staking providers worldwide


Elrond: Secure Proof-of-Stake (SPoS)

To validate and generate new blocks on the blockchain, Elrond uses the extremely secure and energy-efficient Secure Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (SPoS).

To sign new blocks, validators, such as Istari Vision, are randomly selected. However, reliable validators increase their chance of being allowed to sign more blocks. That is why we are proud of our 100% node rating.

Bitcoin: Proof of Work (PoW)

In the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which is also used by Bitcoin, miners have to solve a complex mathematical problem using their hardware to validate new blocks.

Compared to Elrond’s SPoS technology, PoW is very slow and energy intensive.

EGLD Staking Calculator

Benefit from top returns and generate an attractive passive income with EGLD staking.

Istari Vision Staking Calculator

EGLD price:

icon stake EGLD TOKEN (STAKE)

Yearly Return (APR)

Daily Rewards
Monthly Rewards
Yearly Rewards

Increase your passive income by redelegating your rewads!

Redelegation period
icon infoPeriod over which you plan to regularly add your staking rewards to the staking pool in order to benefit from the compound interest effect.
Ideal redelegation
icon infoIdeal frequency for redelegating your staking rewards to the staking pool. Depending on APR (interest rate), EGLD quantity and transaction costs in the Elrond network.
Frequency change
icon infoAfter this number of redelegations, your ideal redelegation frequency changes.
Total return (APY)
icon infoMaximum annual return when redelegating your staking rewards according to ideal redelegation frequency (compound interest).
Total before staking
Rewards from redelegation
Total rewards
Total after staking

This is how you calculate your staking returns:

  • Enter the amount of EGLD tokens you want to delegate to Istari Vision in the input field labeled “EGLD Token (Stake)” and press the return key on your keyboard.
  • The calculator will display your rewards in EGLD and US$ at the current EGLD rate.
  • You will also see your total return in the event that – in addition to the specified tokens – you redelegate your staking rewards to the Istari Vision staking pool at the optimal frequency (compound interest effect). In the input field labeled “Redelegation period” you can specify the desired timeframe for redelegating rewards.

Enjoy a good and safe return on your staking with Istari Vision!

Maximize your return by redelegating your staking rewards.

To benefit from the compound interest effect, we recommend that you also add your staking rewards to the Istari Vision staking pool (redelegation of rewards). This is possible both in the Maiar App and in Istari Vision Delegation Manager. Depending on how many EGLD tokens you are staking, there is an optimal frequency for the redelegation of rewards:

Buy EGLD / eGold

EGLD can be purchased directly from Elrond or in the Maiar App.

Alternatively, you can purchase EGLD on a cryptocurrency exchange, for example:

EGLD can be traded against fiat currencies such as euros or U.S. dollars, as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) or stablecoins such as USDT.

EGLD staking and redelegation

1. Create an Elrond wallet

EGLD tokens purchased on an exchange must first be transferred to your Elrond wallet. To create it, use the link

Note: Before you stake, please check whether your exchange allows you to send your EGLD tokens to an external wallet address – in this specific case your Elrond wallet.

2. Choose Istari Vision as your staking provider

Once you have access to your Elrond wallet, click: Stake > Stake Now. Then select Istari Vision as your staking provider. Or you can use the Maiar-App and click: Earn > Stake > Istari Vision.

To use Istari Vision’s Delegation Manager, please click the button below:

3. Redelegate and benefit from compound interest

To benefit from the compound interest effect, you can claim and redelegate your EGLD rewards at any time. To do so, use the “Claim Now” or “Claim Rewards” and “Redelegate Rewards” button in your Wallet.

The optimal time to redelegate …

EGLD staking:
What has happened so far?

Since the start of the open delegation on March 24, 2021 more than $ 70 million worth of EGLD tokens have been delegated to Istari Vision. Our 137 nodes have been successfully filled.

The first staking rewards were distributed to delegators on April 07, 2021 – well over $ 9 million to date. Continuously updated key figures can be found in the footer of this website.

EGLD staking:
Next steps

The demand for staking capacity for EGLD is extremely high. For this reason, Mainnet Release v1.1.59 went live in Phase 3.5 on June 14, 2021. Delegators currently benefit from increased top-up rewards.

Up-to-date info on staking with Istari Vision can be found here and on our social media channels.


Top staking partner

Investing in EGLD and staking was the most successful decision I have made in my life. Top return on investment as well as an attractive passive income through staking.

FLORIAN  Trustpilot


The best staking provider

Super crew, top support and briliant service. The investment in EGLD (Elrond) and the staking at Istari Vision is and was for me the best thing I could do. Keep it up, guys!

TIMO  Trustpilot


Great, keep it up!

Istari Vision is a trusted staking provider with super returns!
 Istari also offers valuable opportunities to learn about the Elrond Blockchain and related topics.

ELLA  Trustpilot

Our node locations

For optimal security and decentralization, our servers are localized in Europe and the USA.

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Do you have questions about staking EGLD (eGold) via Istari Vision?
Please use our community channels or send us an inquiry.

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