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Elrond Blockchain Comparison

How Powerful is the Elrond Blockchain

The crypto landscape is vast, with decentralized blockchains fighting for supremacy. With its increasing popularity and global adoption, it is clear to see that the blockchain revolution is well underway. But how do these blockchains compare, and what sets them apart? This article explores some of the best-known blockchains and why we think Elrond is on track to win the race for DeFi domination.

Entity Alpha Blog

ENTITY: Powertools and real time data analysis for the Elrond Network

After an intense development period Istari Vision and Titan Stake proudly present you the alpha version of ENTITY. The dashboard is targeting crypto beginners and pro users alike and is designed to offer structured access to important data from the Elrond Network. In the alpha version ENTITY comes with four innovative modules providing added value to the Elrond community.

AMM Automated Market Maker Elrond Maiar Exchange

Maiar Exchange: Next Generation Automated Market Maker

Maiar Exchange works as a so called Automated Market Maker (AMM). Sounds complicated, but isn’t. An AMM is a protocol on a decentralized exchange and a core concept of the DeFi ecosystem. Instead of using an order book like a traditional exchange, assets are valued according to a mathematical formula – in this case a pricing algorithm.

Maiar Exchange DEX MEX Elrond

Maiar Exchange: Next Generation Passive Income

Great news from Elrond: the in-house platform Maiar Exchange has been released on Devnet for final testing. Maiar Exchange is a decentralized online marketplace (DEX) for global and low-cost trading of tokenized assets, enabling its users to build passive income. For maximum performance, Elrond relies on the power and scalability of the Elrond network.