istari Vision Titan Stake partnership

Elevating the Elrond Network together

Startups all over the world are using Elrond blockchain technology to realize their visions and create unique applications and web based business models. We, too, have made it our goal to actively shape the Elrond ecosystem. With Titan Stake, we have found a like-minded partner to accompany us on this journey.

Partnership fivefingergames

Web3 Gaming comes to the Elrond Blockchain

Gamers, watch out! fivefingergames is launching the strategy game “Knights of Cathena” on the Elrond blockchain this year. Users can trade and sell their artifacts in a medieval setting. Istari Vision provides marketing and communication support, including news, interviews, and release announcements. In addition, we accompany the onboarding to the Elrond blockchain and advise on the design of the tokenomics.