Success Stories

Istari Vision Team

Istari Vision meets for team building in Regensburg

Istari Vision has grown exponentially since the beginning of the year, with many talented individuals joining the team. To ensure future success, Istari arranged for a week of activities in Regensburg to synchronize the group, help build working relationships and align its core values, followed by a weekend of pure adrenaline at Area 47 in Austria.

vampire wars istari vision partnership

Vampire Wars: the open-world strategy game relies on the Elrond network

Romania is well known for its great cultural heritage, traditional folklore and mythology— and of course for being the land of Dracula and vampires! So it’s no surprise that Vampire Wars relies on the Elrond blockchain, which has its home base in the city of Sibiu, Romania. The plan is to evolve Vampire Wars into an immersive open-world strategy game with exciting features and mechanics.

Gnogen Istari Vision Gnogenverse Partnership

Gnogen and Istari Vision on a joint journey into the “Gnogenverse”

The metaverse is emerging through the convergence of virtual, augmented and physical reality. Shaping this future requires vision and determination – two characteristics that distinguish Gnogen, as a champion of the Elrond NFT ecosystem. We are pleased to announce that Gnogen and Istari Vision will jointly drive the development of the “Gnogenverse”.

istari Vision Titan Stake partnership

Elevating the Elrond Network together

Startups all over the world are using Elrond blockchain technology to realize their visions and create unique applications and web based business models. We, too, have made it our goal to actively shape the Elrond ecosystem. With Titan Stake, we have found a like-minded partner to accompany us on this journey.

Holoride Istari Vision Elrond Blockchain

holoride builds on Elrond and opens the door to monetization for content creators

Munich-based AUDI spin-out holoride combines navigation and vehicle data with extended reality (XR) to transform car trips into hyper-immersive experiences. The company builds on Elrond blockchain technology and uses its NFT and ESDT token standard. This enables developers and content partners to use the holoride ecosystem for monetization.