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Istari Vision Jahresrückblick 2022

Power to the Builders: Istari Vision 2022 Partner Review

In 2022, the toughest projects in Web3 continued building innovative products despite the turbulent market conditions. At Istari Vision, we are proud to work closely with many of those relentless builders. Join us as we recap the greatest milestones from our partners in the MultiversX ecosystem and preview what’s next for these exciting projects.

Elrond Community Event Regensburg

Istari Vision Hosts First-Ever German Elrond Community Event

On 22 October 2022, Elrond users and builders joined Istari Vision for the first-ever German Elrond Community Event. More than 20 projects and 140 guests connected over their shared passion for blockchain innovation at the Leerer Beutel cultural center in the Regensburg Old City. We are proud to present a full recap of the event!

Elrond Blockchain Comparison

How Powerful is the Elrond Blockchain

The crypto landscape is vast, with decentralized blockchains fighting for supremacy. With its increasing popularity and global adoption, it is clear to see that the blockchain revolution is well underway. But how do these blockchains compare, and what sets them apart? This article explores some of the best-known blockchains and why we think Elrond is on track to win the race for DeFi domination.

istari vision fragen antworten

Frequent questions about Istari Vision & Elrond – and our answers!

For the 42nd episode of our German podcast series, our three podcasters Sabrina, Rado and Louis have taken the opportunity to answer the community’s biggest questions about Istari Vision, Elrond, blockchain, crypto, and staking. So that you don’t always have to resort to the number 42 as the answer to all the questions in the universe, we’ll summarize the most important info here in this article.

vampire wars istari vision partnership

Vampire Wars: the open-world strategy game relies on the Elrond network

Romania is well known for its great cultural heritage, traditional folklore and mythology— and of course for being the land of Dracula and vampires! So it’s no surprise that Vampire Wars relies on the Elrond blockchain, which has its home base in the city of Sibiu, Romania. The plan is to evolve Vampire Wars into an immersive open-world strategy game with exciting features and mechanics.