In our screencasts we introduce you to technical processes like setting up and using an Elrond wallet. Recorded step by step and easy to follow.

AshSwap Stable Swap: A Tutorial

April 24, 2022
AshSwap enables you to swap stable coins on the Elrond blockchain. Check out our guide on how to do this.

A chat with CEO Lars Luethke about mylivn

March 21, 2022
In this Q&A, we interviewed Lars Luethke, founder of mylivn and asked him about the future of social networking on the blockchain and more!

Elrond Metastaking: A Tutorial

March 28, 2022
With Metastaking and Metabonding, users have more ways than ever to earn additional rewards and passive income. Learn more here!

Walk through: ENTITY Dashboard and its first modules

March 10, 2022
In this video you will get some more detailed information on the modules available in the alpha release of ENTITY Dashboard. Check it out yourself under

Tutorial: $RIDE Staking on the Maiar Exchange

February 27, 2022
The RIDE token from holoride can now be staked on the der Maiar Exchange. Rewards are paid out in $RIDE. Learn all the important details in our short video!

Screencast: Maiar Exchange strategy update

February 10, 2022
Join us on a tour through Elrond’s Maiar Exchange and find out what’s the best strategy to farm lkMEX.

Screencast: How to add liquidity in Maiar Exchange

November 19, 2021
Learn how to add liquidity and create your LP tokens in Elrond’s DeFi platform Maiar Exchange.

Screencast: How to create an Elrond Wallet

August 18, 2021
Learn how to create your EGLD wallet in minutes and start earning a passive income with double-digit interests per year (APR).

Tutorial: How to buy EGLD in under 5 minutes

January 29, 2022
Learn how to buy EGLD in minutes with the Maiar app in our tutorial. Get the app at

Maiar Exchange: RIDE token launch

December 15, 2021
In this longer tutorial we will show you what you should consider when buying RIDE tokens on the  Maiar Exchange.

Maiar Exchange: how to buy the RIDE token

December 02, 2021
In a short tutorial we will show you how to buy the RIDE token on Maiar Exchange.

Maiar Exchange: generate rewards with farming

November 19, 2021
Find out how to generate rewards on Maiar.Exchange with MEX tokens in Farming.

Maiar Exchange: how to claim your MEX token

November 12, 2021
Learn how to quickly and easily claim your MEX tokens on the Maiar Exchange in our screencast.

Maiar Exchange: a walk through the Devnet

August 13, 2021
Join us on our tour through the Maiar Exchange testing environment (devnet) and get a first insight into what awaits you!

Instructions Staking: EGLD Test Delegation

March 26, 2021
You don’t have an Elrond wallet yet or want to practice staking first? In our screencast we show you how to do it!

Whether you’re a crypto beginner or advanced, check out our FAQ for information on the technology behind the Elrond blockchain, Elrond’s native token EGLD (eGold), Staking, and Istari Vision.

From “Adaptive State Sharding” to “Wallet”: In our glossary, we dive into important terms from the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Simple and understandable for everyone.

In our podcast series, we give you insights into one of the most innovative and powerful blockchains in the world and talk to industry representatives about their use cases.

In our screencasts, we show you technical processes, for example functions of the Elrond wallet. Recorded step by step and easy to follow.

A lot is written about the Elrond blockchain technology, Elrond’s native token EGLD (eGold) and use cases for the Elrond blockchain. We have selected articles worth reading for you.

Videos on the Elrond blockchain abound. Click through our selection of video posts and see what influencers from the crypto scene have to say.

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