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Istari vision - Next Level Elrond Blockchain Projects

Istari Vision

Next generation blockchain projects

Istari Vision’s mission is to support businesses and investors in unlocking the groundbreaking potential of the Elrond blockchain. We achieve this with our fast-growing, international team in four business segments:

  • Instruction
  • Incubator
  • Innovator
  • Infrastructure

The Internet scale blockchain

The Elrond blockchain is a highly innovative open-source transaction technology.
It is suitable for the exchange, validation, and documentation of valuable data such as payment transactions, the conclusion of contracts, and the transfer of rights. Transactions are decentralized which eliminates the need for intermediaries such as states, banks or other third parties.

Advantages of the Elrond blockchain

  • maximum security (SPoS)
  • performance and scalability
  • minimal transaction costs
  • customizable smart contracts
  • attractive ecosystem
  • optimal user experience
  • outstanding eco-balance
  • developer-friendly code

With the native token EGLD and a market capitalization among the top assets worldwide, Elrond’s goal is to become the backbone of a borderless, globally accessible Internet economy.


Communicating the potential of the Elrond blockchain

Crypto is not self-explanatory. To help beginners understand the benefits of the Elrond blockchain and crypto technology in general, we provide exciting web content such as videos, podcasts, tutorials, screencasts and blog posts free of charge in our Academy. Of course, we are always available to provide personal advice and support to our loyal community.


Planning and implementation of blockchain projects

We support startups and enterprises in leveraging the benefits of the Elrond blockchain for their business models and rolling out blockchain projects professionally. In doing so, we are always on the lookout for the next “game changer” in the crypto market and provide resources in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, software development and project management.


Developing and growing the Elrond network

To illustrate the breakthrough potential of blockchain technology, we are continuously working with the Elrond Core team to develop innovative blockchain applications for Web 3. True to our motto “Next Generation Blockchain Projects,” Istari Vision is thereby supporting the growth of the Elrond network and contributing to the market penetration of the technology.


Securing the network with EGLD staking

As one of the largest EGLD staking providers worldwide, Istari Vision backs the Elrond network with more than 100 validator nodes. We operate the largest German-speaking Elrond community and currently reward our customers with a return of /year (APR) on their EGLD token holdings. This way we enable EGLD investors from all over the world to generate passive income.

The Istari Vision team

We are growing and looking for the best employees in the world!
Current job offers …

istari vision team

Istari Vision at a glance

We have been active in the blockchain market for over 4 years. Benefit from our expert knowledge around the Elrond blockchain:

As a Layer 1 blockchain, Elrond’s smart contract technology can be used for numerous use cases in web 3.0 projects:

Use our blockchain check and find out how you can benefit from the Elrond blockchain. We would be happy to advise you in an orientation call …

The Elrond blockchain offers unprecedented opportunities for companies in all industries to optimize IT-based processes and realize innovative business models:

We are always looking for high-potentials to join us on our exciting journey through the crypto decade to create impactful customer experiences:

Istari Vision Elrond CEO

“The team at Istari Vision is an important contact with whom we have been working for over three years now. We look forward to consolidating growth in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with their support.”

Lucian Mincu • CIO Elrond

“There is great potential for blockchain technology. We’re excited to be ambassadors for Elrond and encourage adoption and participation in the Elrond ecosystem.”

Wolfgang Rückerl • CEO Istari Vision

With the Elrond blockchain, web-based business processes can be accelerated, scaled, and made more secure. All that goes along with a massive reduction in transaction costs compared to conventional payment solutions.

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Top staking partner

Investing in EGLD and staking was the most successful decision I have made in my life. Top return on investment as well as an attractive passive income through staking.

FLORIAN  Trustpilot


Outstanding overall concept

Istari Vision provides outstanding services to enterprises and crypto startups in the areas of consulting, project management, software development, marketing, design and financing.

HARALD  Trustpilot


Great, keep it up!

Istari Vision is a trusted staking provider with super returns!
 Istari also offers valuable opportunities to learn about the Elrond Blockchain and related topics.

ELLA  Trustpilot

Our node locations

For optimal security and decentralization, our servers are located throughout Europe and the USA.

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