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Web3 Blockchain Meetup on 30 September 2023 in Regensburg

After the postponement of the MultiversX Community Event 2023, we are happy to invite you to an exciting replacement event!

At our regional Web3 Blockchain Meetup in Regensburg, we bring together experts and like-minded people from the blockchain space – an evening full of interesting conversations over a drink and delicious snacks. Participation is free of charge!

Together with MultiversX, Istari Vision develops blockchain applications for Web 3. We evaluate the potential of MultiversX blockchain technology for your business, plan your project and provide professional coordination and implementation.

The MultiversX blockchain is a decentralized transaction technology of the latest generation. It is well suited for the exchange, validation, and documentation of valuable data, such as that generated by payment transactions, the conclusion of contracts, or the transfer of rights. With the native token EGLD, MultiversX’s goal is to become the backbone of a borderless, globally accessible Internet economy.

The “Entity” platform developed by Istari Vision is a launchpad for innovative Web3 projects. Complementary tools around reward strategies, investment analytics and crypto taxation complete the offer for the MultiversX community.

Entity Alpha version …
More about Entity …

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Istari Vision at a glance

We have been active in the blockchain industry for years and invite you to benefit from our expert knowledge around the MultiversX blockchain:

As a Layer 1 blockchain, MultiversX´s smart contract technology can be used for numerous use cases in Web3 projects:

Use our blockchain check and find out how you can benefit from the MultiversX blockchain. We would be happy to advise you in an orientation call …

The MultiversX blockchain offers unprecedented opportunities for companies in all industries to optimize IT-based processes and realize innovative business models:

We are looking for dedicated team players from marketing and IT (m/f/d) to drive blockchain projects together with us!

Istari Vision Elrond CEO

“The team at Istari Vision is an important contact with whom we have been working for over three years now. We look forward to consolidating growth in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with their support.”

Lucian Mincu • CIO MultiversX

“There is great potential for blockchain technology. We’re excited to be ambassadors for MultiversX and encourage adoption and participation in the MultiversX ecosystem.”

Wolfgang RückerlCEO Istari Vision

With the MultiversX blockchain, web-based business processes can be accelerated, scaled, and made more secure. All that goes along with a massive reduction in transaction costs compared to conventional payment solutions.

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New partnerships

vampire wars istari vision partnership

Romania is well known for its great cultural heritage, traditional folklore and mythology— and of course for being the land of Dracula and vampires! So it’s no surprise that Vampire Wars relies on the MultiversX blockchain,  which has its home base in the city of Sibiu, Romania.

Read more …

Ashswap Istari Vision Partnerschaft

AshSwap is the first stable-swap DEX on the MultiversX blockchain that allows users to trade stable assets with high volume and low slippage. We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Vietnamese startup.

Read more …

Advantages of the MultiversX blockchain

Blockchain Technology
Transactions without intermediary, fail-safe through decentralization, protection against manipulation.

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Adaptive State Sharding

More than 15,000 transactions per second possible, scalable upwards for maximum performance.

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Secure Proof of Stake
Optimal protection for sensitive data and information as well as an improved eco-balance.

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Low costs

Minimal transaction costs to ensure your competitiveness and optimize your pricing strategy.

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Adaptable Smart Contracts

Automatic transactions and payments according to defined rules and conditions. Smart, isn't it?

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Elrond ecosystem

Extensive network of validators, developers, investors, research partners and exchanges.

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Istari Vision is a trusted staking provider with super returns!
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